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2012 Commencal Supernormal Hardtail Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Commencal Supernormal Hardtail Bike

2012 commencal supernormal hardtail bike   2012 Commencal Supernormal Hardtail Bike

For 2012, Commencal Bicycles has refreshed its award-winning hardtail bike called Supernormal. This refreshed hardtail bike will be available both in 29in- and 26in-wheeled versions, with a 69° slack head angle on the 26in version and a 70° on the 29in.

In order to create a state-of-the-art hardtail machine, Commencal Bicycles has paid attention especially to the Supernormal frame. Built from heat treated and triple-butted 7005 alloy, the frame of this hardtail bike is very lively.

According to Commencal Bicycles, the 2012 Commencal Supernormal Hardtail Bike is designed to be not only highly competent but super fun, as well. The modern features of the frame include internal cable routings, a BB30 bottom bracket shell, and post mount disc tabs.

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2012 Commencal Meta AM Mountain Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Commencal Meta AM Mountain Bike

2012 commencal meta am mountain bike   2012 Commencal Meta AM Mountain Bike

Commencal has launched its revamped Meta enduro and all-mountain bike for 2012 named Meta AM. Since 2005, the Meta has been an internationally acclaimed bike legend on the MTB market. With new Supreme DH V3, the redesigned 2012 model offers amazing features and geometry.

Included in the bike’s new improvements are lowered center of gravity, modernized geometry made lower and longer, and a Cane creek-standard tapered head tube. A new 12mm x 142mm standard rear hub facilitates rear wheel removal and installation and increases rear wheel lateral stiffness.

Included as one of the MBR magazine’s 10 best bikes of the decade, the Meta is a legendary mountain bike that is not easy to replace. On the other hand, the 2012 Commencal Meta AM Mountain Bike is a must-have mountain bike optimized for 2 x 10 transmissions and offers better agility.

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2011 Commencal Supreme 6

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Commencal Supreme 6

2011 commencal supreme 6   2011 Commencal Supreme 6

When Commencal came out with the Supreme DH, the 2011 Supreme 6 garnered the name Mini DH. Made for downhill or enduro trail, it has a 6.3″ travel with the main pivot located inside the short seat tube. For a progressive spring curve, it features the Contact System linkage.

The Supreme 6 has replaceable dropouts that allows switching between 10mm, 12mm or Maxle. The forged bottom bracket is integrated on the swingarm and an oversized axle is held up by 2 stainless steel rings. The rear shock is a Fox DHX 3RC2 coil with piggyback.

Commencal adds a 30.9mm seatpost from Thomson Elite, e.thirteen LG1+ chainguide and adjustable head angle sleeves. The frame weighs 8.84lbs without the shock and comes in matt red color. The frame retails for $2449 and the complete bike for about $4600.

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2011 Commencal Meta 4x Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Commencal Meta 4x Frame

2011 commencal meta 4x frame   2011 Commencal Meta 4x Frame

The 2011 Commencal Meta 4x frame works exceptionally well with cross and Freeride sessions that will keep you on the trails for hours.

Due to the linkage system, the Commencal 2011 Meta 4x adds appropriate acceleration for a 100mm of travel mtb. The head angle system is adjustable, adding overall versatility to the frame.

Upon purchasing, the 2011 Commencal Meta 4x frame includes a fox float RP2 rear shock, Thompson Elite seatpost, replaceable 10mm vertical dropouts (drive and non-drive) and e.thirteen LG1+ with a taco chain guide….

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2011 Commencal Supreme DH Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Commencal Supreme DH Bike

2011 commencal dh bike 300x208   2011 Commencal Supreme DH BikeCommencal introduces version 3 of its 2011 Commencal Downhill Bike in celebration of 25 years of proven excellence. The company have riders with more than 80 world titles and look forward in acquiring more with the DH Bike which was designed for champions. The 2011 DH Bike was improved upon by giving it a lighter frame and changing the balance of the bike to meet new riding style standards.

The 2011 Commencal DH Bike features internal cable routing which had the cables tucked away from the air tube to the chainstays. New screws, pivots and aluminum axles are used. Commencal chose aluminum over chromoly since it is lighter and stiffer.

The new version also has anodized parts, laser finish on graphics and logo and hydroformed tubing. It uses a single-pivot linkage for its suspension design. It also has a floating shock to redirect the stress which normally affects the middle area…

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2011 Commencal Ramones CroMo

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Commencal Ramones CroMo

2011 commencal ramones cromo 300x225   2011 Commencal Ramones CroMoThe 2011 Commencal Ramones CroMo is made with a 4130 CroMoly frame with a 150mm RockShox Revelation fork. The Ramones hardtail is made of hard steel but also comes in aluminum. It also features the powerful sure-stick-non-skid Avid Elixir 3 Brakes for safety stoppages. It is great for climbing and sprinting with its new mix of Shimano Deore and XT shifters.

It has a triple-butted frame with portable and adjustable cable guides. It also has an interchangeable dropout covering all gears/gearless or the 12mm axle widths and allows you to shift from single speed to another at will.

The Commencal Ramones CroMo rides with RaceFace AM cranks and chrome Spank Subrosa rims. The overall build defines an edgy yet fun ride for everyone.

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Commencal Atherton Racing MaxMax

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Commencal Atherton Racing MaxMax

commencal atherton racing maxmax   Commencal Atherton Racing MaxMax

Commencal is the brand for clarity, strength and serenity. Their bikes have always been made to grab you with its classic design and strong lines. They took anything you don’t need and you’re left with a high quality frame with all the necessary items to give you the power you need for an unforgettable ride.

The Commencal Atherton Racing MaxMax is another version of the original frame released by Commencal before. It comes in limited edition with the hot graphic designs of Atherton Racing. The MaxMax is tagged to be the must-have bike. Its dirt jumping frame is made of 6061 T6 aluminum which is the same as the frames used on more pricey Absolut bikes.

The frame also acquired new dropouts which would allow more options for the bike to use different hubs. The frame will most likely be compatible with the following: 135mm hub standards which includes 10mm,…

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