pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Octane One Combo Saddle

2012 octane one combo saddle   2012 Octane One Combo Saddle

Included in the new lineup of saddles released by Octane One for 2012 is the Combo. The saddle is made of a plastic base that is connected with an aluminum one-piece 25.4mm seat-post combo, including the 27.2 shim. With the 110mm long post, rising by 60mm is allowed.

Featured by its one-piece seat post are a slim padding and micro-suede top cover. Along with the micro suede material is a nylon base and 6061 alloy seat post. This saddle measures 210mm x 120mm. Its seat angle is not adjustable but fixed.

Weighing in at only 245g, the 2012 Octane One Combo Saddle is incredibly lightweight and neat looking as well. Aside from the highly competitive weight, the price of the saddle is also affordable as compared to other standard sets of seat and posts.

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