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Colnago Ace Road Bike

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colnago ace road bikejpg1   Colnago Ace Road Bike
The Colnago Ace road bike, designed for a rider who’s looking for a road bike with a more comfortable upright relaxed position, is the model Colnago is most excited about for 2010. When looking at the bike, you will notice Colnago’s Real-X geometry, a fancy term for saying that the head tube measures approximately 20mm taller than some of its other models, which Colnago has implemented into an all new full carbon fiber monocoque frameset. The Colnago Ace will come equipped with handlebars, a seat post, and a stem manufactured by FAS and Colnago brakes and tires. The Ace is set to release later this month in eight different sizes, ranging from 42cm through 58cm. Colnago will be offering the Ace in two different paint schemes: white or red. At a very competitive MSRP of $2,999, Colnago expects its Ace to be a popular choice.

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Colnago Prestige Cross

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colnago prestige1   Colnago Prestige Cross

With the help of Sven Nys, former cyclo-cross world champion, Colnago has officially stepped away from the Colnago c50 Cross to bring you the Colnago Prestige Cross. The Prestige Cross, a top of the line full carbon fiber monocoque front triangle frame, is new to Colnago’s lineup for 2010. Colnago’s latest crosser comes lugged in the rear at the seat-tube and chain-stay junction, making for a more compliant rear end. By design, the Colnago Prestige Cross also offers its riders a stiff and strong ride. According to Colnago, a flat top and bottom tube, as seen on the Prestige Cross, is the most efficient method for adding strength to an all-carbon frame geared at cyclo-cross. Another unique feature that Colnago has added to its bike is a carbon bridge, designed for adding comfort when lobbing the Prestige Cross over your shoulder during transitions in a cyclocross race.

The Prestige…

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Colnago Master 55th Anniversary Road Bike

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colnago master 55th anniversary road bike   Colnago Master 55th Anniversary Road Bike

In celebration of their 55th anniversary comes Colnago’s limited addition Colnago Master 55 road bike. The Master frame, a frame that is noted for winning most of the world’s prominent bicycle races, will feature gold seat stays, chain stays, and head tube lugs. The gold in color graphics, which beautifully accents the black bike, are made up of real gold chroming. The same is true for everything else that appears to be gold on Colnago’s limited addition road bike. The Master 55th Anniversary road bike will come equipped with Ernesto Colnago’s famous Precisa steel fork, providing a smooth responsive ride. Only ninety nine bikes will be made for world wide distribution. MSRP: $11,699.

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