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2011 Colnago Flight TT – Triathlon Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Colnago Flight TT   Triathlon Bike

2011 colnago flight tt triathlon bike   2011 Colnago Flight TT   Triathlon Bike

The Colnago Flight has lead Pierrick Fedrigo in winning the 2010 Criterium International, and for 2011 the Colnago Flight will take others on a winning streak.

The 2011 Colnago Flight is made for time trial, but supports those who endure in triathlon racing. The frame went under advanced computational fluid dynamic techniques to ensure speed.

Also assisting in speed for the Colnago 2011 Flight is the wind tunnel testing. This procedure tested the aerodynamics throughout the carbon monocoque frame. Drag is also minimal due to the internal cable routing.

Only colorway available is the shown red/black/white. Upon ordering, you can request a forward triathlon position, or road position for time trials.

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2011 Colnago Sprint Track Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Colnago Sprint Track Bike

2011 colnago sprint track bike   2011 Colnago Sprint Track Bike

Two versions will release of the 2011 Colnago Sprint track bike in December, one for the U.S. market, and one for the rest of the world.

What you see in front of you is the Colnago 2011 Sprint that is available outside the U.S. market. The United States version will not have the same graphics which includes a solid black Colnago decal on the bottom tube and not a triple logo.

Colnago will also remove the cable stops and replace it with clamps, remove the Sprint logo on the top tube, and remove all braze-ons.

The 2011 Sprint is based off the Pista frameset, and is available in white. Retail price is $1,289.

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2011 Colnago World Cup Cross Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Colnago World Cup Cross Bike

2011 colnago world cup cross bike   2011 Colnago World Cup Cross Bike

Some companies release cross bikes as a hybrid model, where the bike can also be used as a commuter. This is not the case for the 2011 Colnago World Cup, a true cross racing bike.

The Colnago 2011 World Cup features a fully redesigned frame. Last year, Colnago used 6000 series aluminum, and in 2011 the World Cup upgrades to a 7000 series aluminum. A hydroformed frame and shoulder are reinforcements that add to this strong cross bike for the next year.

Furthering the 2011 World Cup is a double welded and reinforced head tube, semi integrated and replaceable cups, tapered butted frame, and an easy shouldering triangle connecting the top tube and down tube.

The forks on the World Cup 2011 are full carbon, including the steerer. Last year, they were aluminum.

You can purchase the Colnago 2011 World Cup as a frameset or a complete bike, which…

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2011 Colnago C59 Italia Limited Edition

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Colnago C59 Italia Limited Edition

2011 colnago c59 italia limited edition 1   2011 Colnago C59 Italia Limited Edition

The main attraction at Colnago’s booth at this year’s InterBike was the 2011 Limited Edition C59 Italia.

The Colnago 2011 limited edition C59 Italia was made to recognize the Colnago C59, thus limiting the C59 Italia to a symbolic number of 59. As you may know, in past years, Colnago released other limited bikes: one in collaboration with Ferrari (CF 7), and the Colnago Master (celebrating 55 years of Colnago), which was last year’s limited model on display.

On display was 1 of 59 of the 2011 C59 Italia limited editions. With its Di2 battery pack concealed, the highly limited Colnago is sleek in design. Do you want to know where the battery is placed? The only way to know is if you buy one from Colnago, informed Colnago.

Everything about the limited Colnago C59 Italia shines, including the small section of brake cable exposed (resembles metal piping)…

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2011 Colnago EPS Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Colnago EPS Road Bike

2011 colnago eps road bike   2011 Colnago EPS Road Bike

A favorite in the cycling world is back in 2011, the Colnago EPS. Still a force to reckon with, the 2011 EPS is though, light and a top tier performance road bike.

The Colnago 2011 EPS is constructed of lugged carbon fiber that allows flexibility in customizing, and available in 22 different sizes. Plus this year adds the EPS Di2.

Improvements are added to the tubes, which Colnago has made stronger by the cable passageways, and the Di2 addition has not interfered with the reliability and handling the EPS is use to.

Colnago had the cables routed inside the frame on the EPS, which adds to the overall sleek and smooth look.

Available in three different colors: white, red, and black. Colors are available according to location which is picked by Colnago.

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2011 Colnago M10

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Colnago M10

2011 colnago m10 1 300x197   2011 Colnago M10Colnago unveils the M10 for 2011. It is lighter and stiffer than the CX-1 model with a claimed weight of 850g. It has a monocoque frame and uses lamination technology specific to Colnago.

The 2011 Colnago M10 has a C-HS1 tapered headtube with generally cleaner lines, it uses internal cable routing. It comes in six colors although Colnago cannot promise all the colors will be available worldwide. The availability of colors is based on your location. You can choose from red, blue, orange, white silver, black silver and matte black.

Each Colnago M10 frame is hand painted which means each details was painstakingly brushed by professional painters. With a bigger bottom bracket this time and a carbon M10 fork, the 2011 Colnago M10 retails for $10,499 AUD.

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Colnago 2011 C59 Italia

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Colnago 2011 C59 Italia

colnago 2011 c59 italia   Colnago 2011 C59 Italia

For 2011, Colnago will release a new flagship road model, known as the C59 Italia. Made of 100% custom carbon fiber, Colnago developed the C59 for 4 years, and now it can be yours.

Colnago painted and designed the 2011 C59 Italia in Italy, with the frame using a master shaped internally ribbed top tube and downtube, plus square chainstays and seatstays have also been added for overall stiffness.

As of now, you have six color options to choose from, black/silver, matte black, white/silver, white/red, white/blue, and black/yellow, but some colors are exclusives to certain retailers/Countries, and you might have to do a little digging. Most retailers are taking pre-orders for the Colnago 2011 C59 Italia frameset, and more than likely a complete build will not be offered.

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