pinit fg en rect gray 20   Clif Bar has Two New Snack Bars

clif bar has two new snack bars 300x225   Clif Bar has Two New Snack Bars

In between meals need not to be unhealthy nowadays. Clif Bar presents us with another two of their famous healthy snack bars that we can munch in between rides. Although, these were not made especially for riders, it was said to be a good alternative for junk foods.

Clif C Bar’s texture which is a little sticky in the outside and soft in the inside may make it inappropiate as a snack food while riding. But its taste (which is said to be like real food)  make it a perfect snack during cycling breaks.

Clif C Bar is a fusion crushed nuts (base), nine ingredients and pureed fruit top. To top it off, sprinkles of sea salt and more nuts were added for crunch and kick to its taste and texture.  Apple, Blueberry, Cherry Pomegranate and Raspberry varieties are now out in the market.

And if you are a fan of organic, then their new granola bar selection may be…

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