pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Tifosi CK1 Veloce Cyclocross Bike

2012 tifosi ck1 veloce cyclocross bike   2012 Tifosi CK1 Veloce Cyclocross Bike

For commuters who are looking for a touring or cyclocross bike, one of the perfect choices on the market for 2012 is the new CK1 Veloce from Tifosi Cycles. Its amazing versatility and traditional shape make it ideal, especially for competitive riders.

Combining simplicity and efficiency, the 7005 triple butted alloy frame of the CK1 Veloce comes with carrier bosses and a mudguards. Thus, this cyclocross bike is firm enough to tackle the demands of intense racing.

Whether the rider is a pro or a beginner, the 2012 Tifosi CK1 Veloce Cyclocross Bike guarantees an enjoyable ride. Its Campagnolo sharp brakes and ergopower levers offer outstanding control and a firm feel as they enhance riding comfort.

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