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2012 Pinarello Diesel Only the Brave Single Speed City Bike

2012 pinarello diesel only the brave single speed city bike   2012 Pinarello Diesel Only the Brave Single Speed City Bike
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As a result of the collaboration of Pinarello and Diesel, a brand new city bike called Only the Brave has been introduced as one of the most exciting new machines in the cycling world. This is a masterpiece produced by the technology and expertise of Pinarello and the ingenuity and style of Diesel.

By using hydroformed aluminum 6061 T6 material, the frame of the Only the Brave features a unique design. On the other hand, it still maintains the two features that are vital to city street rides, which are cornering ability and handling.

Versatile and lightweight, the 2012 Pinarello Diesel Only the Brave Single Speed City Bike safely adapts to all sorts of city streets. Weighing in at 1510g, the frame of this city bike flaunts the unparalleled product of its manufacturers’, a thorough analysis of strengths and balances.

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2012 Pinarello Treviso Sora City Bike

2012 pinarello treviso sora city bike   2012 Pinarello Treviso Sora City Bike

Pinarello Bikes pays tribute to the city in which the company was founded by introducing a new hybrid bike called Treviso for 2012. It is then but right to build this new city bike with a 6061 T6 aluminum triple-butted and TIG-welded frameset in order to guarantee topnotch quality.

Weighing in at 1600g, the Treviso frame is perfectly designed in the unique style of Pinarello. This frame combines excellent versatility, speed, and responsiveness. Its straight handlebars offer a semi-upright position while its light wheels guarantee maximum comfort on long distance rides.
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Built from high-quality material, the 2012 Pinarello Treviso Sora City Bike while still offers style and performance while ensuring quick and flexible handling. To complete an unparalleled speed machine, this city bike combines a wheelset with Sora groupset both from Shimano.

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2012 Kona MinUte City Bike

2012 kona minute city bike   2012 Kona MinUte City Bike

For 2012, Kona Bikes has unveiled a new bike that is based on its cargo bike called Ute. Suitably called MinUte, this new machine is a more flexible and more affordable cousin of the Ute. What makes the MinUte a more agile utility bike is its deck, which is two-thirds the size of the Ute.
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While the wooden load deck at the back of the Minute is smaller than the Ute’s, it takes pride in its 136kg maximum capacity. The MinUte comes with its own set of panniers, as well as low 16-speed gearing, a swept back HandPlant handlebar, and front and rear mechanical disc brakes.

Featuring a considerably shorter wheelbase than that of the Ute, the 2012 Kona MinUte City Bike is easier to maneuver, park, and store. Just like its big brother Ute, the MinUte offers an upright riding position and…

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2012 Cell SS 101 City Bike

2012 cell ss 101 city bike   2012 Cell SS 101 City Bike

Known as the first bicycle to feature the Shimano Alfine internal gear hub in 2007, the SS 101 city bike is introduced by Cell Bikes once again for 2012. Control and safety are enhanced by its disc brakes, and unpleasant weather is tackled by the bike’s sealed internal gears, which allow for no slipped gears.

As one of the best-selling models of Cell Bikes, the SS 101 is an already well-liked bike, especially in Australia but is further improved for 2012. Its Shimano Alfine internal gear hub is made lighter, smoother, and even more efficient. Its virtually zero-maintenance hub allows riders to save money, too.

City street rides are fun and easy with the 2012 Cell SS 101 City Bike. As a maintenance-free machine, this city is ideal for commuting, weekend fitness rides, and touring.

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2012 Windsor Oxford Three Speed City Bike

2012 windsor oxford three speed city bike   2012 Windsor Oxford Three Speed City Bike

One of the nicest looking three-speed city bikes for 2012 is the Oxford from Windsor Bikes. For riders who always want to make sure that their bike is a part of their fashion statement, this is an ideal machine that can help them be fashionable without being over the top.

Constructed from 4130 CroMoly Steel, the finely handcrafted frame of Oxford is both comfortable and durable. It owes its stylish look to its chain-guard and custom fenders, which are both color-matched, as well as brown stitched grips with a matching brown saddle.

Offering great aesthetics and reliable comfort, the 2012 Windsor Oxford Three Speed City Bike is a classic machine that modern riders will surely love. With simple and low maintenance, the Oxford is ideal for riders who are looking for more gears and for use on hilly places.

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2012 Porsche Bike RS City Bike

2012 porsche bike rs city bike   2012 Porsche Bike RS City Bike

One of the most exciting bikes for 2012 is the new city bike from Porsche called Bike RS, which stands for Renn Sport or Race Sport. This is one of the two models of the very first bicycles ever released by the world renowned German car manufacturer.

Built from a carbon fiber monocoque frame, the Bike RS is incredibly lightweight weighing in at only 9kg. Through the newly developed modular monocoque construction of its carbon frame, this city bike offers excellent stability and damping properties.

Across various terrains, the 2012 Porsche Bike RS City Bike allows for maximum power performance. Thanks to its state-of-the-art features, which include a 20-speed Shimano XTR derailleur gearset, Magura hydraulic brakes, Crank Bros wheels, and carbon fiber seat post, handlebars, and stem.

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2012 Porsche Bike S City Bike

2012 porsche bike s city bike   2012 Porsche Bike S City Bike

Porsche, the famous German car company, has unveiled two human-powered innovative city bikes for 2012, one of which is the Bike S. With a 7005 hydroformed aluminum frame, the Bike S is designed by Porsche to ride with amazing comfort, enhanced rigidity, and excellent performance be it for tours or city rides.

Constructed based on a Shimano 11-speed Alfine hub gear system, which is internally geared, the Bike S features a double-clutch gear shift system as well as high-quality disc brakes from Magura. The Shimano Alfine 11-speed hub comes with a Gates belt, too.

Though equipped with several topnotch components, the 2012 Porsche Bike S City Bike only weighs in at 11kg. These high-quality components also include carbon fiber front forks and DT Swiss wheels, which are fitted with resistance tires for smooth rolling. It will be available in three sizes.

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