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2011 Citec 3000 S Aero Wheelset

2011 citec 3000 s aero wheelset   2011 Citec 3000 S Aero Wheelset

Citec, a German company, offers a less mainstream choice this 2011 in the wheelset category with the new 3000 S Aero. As compared to other wheels of similar price, the weight of the 3000 S Aero is reasonable with the front weighing 700g and the rear 890g. With 14 at the front and 16 at the rear, the spokes are bladed and straight-pull all over.

Very impressive, the well-made hubs run slick on the road with oozing quality. With a slight flex evident, the wheels can quick rise to speed and perfectly perform. The rims that are only 27mm deep make the wheels less vulnerable to side winds.

Not only is the 2011 Citec 3000 S Aero Wheelset aesthetically nice. It is designed with excellent construction quality as well. Indeed, the 3000 S Aero wheels are a great choice for racers or sport riders who want to stand out…

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Citec 6000 CX Carbon Tubular Wheelset Clincher

citec 6000 cx carbon tubular wheelset clincher   Citec 6000 CX Carbon Tubular Wheelset Clincher

Citec releases an innovative design to merge the benefits of a carbon wheelset with a metal braking surface in its 6000 CX Carbon Tubular Wheelset Clincher. Light yet durable, the carbon tubular wheelset has an aluminum braking surface and a rim depth of 50mm.

The metal strip on the braking surface is replaceable and the wheelset also features hidden nipples for better aerodynamics. (The internal nipples are located inside the carbon rim.) The front wheel has 12 black bladed spokes, wide flanges with an anodized 3-part front hub for lateral stiffness. It also features sealed cartridge bearings.

The rear wheel features anodized 2-part rear/hub attached to a HyperFlange hub with 16 bladed spokes. It has sealed bearings, a DT Swiss 240 S aluminium body compatible with Shimano 8/9/10-speed.

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