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Cinelli Bootleg B-Belt

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli Bootleg B Belt

cinelli bootleg b belt   Cinelli Bootleg B Belt

Here’s an interesting accessory; the Cinelli Bootleg B-Belt. It is a belt, made with… a flat inner tube! A very creative design on Cinelli’s part, this belt would be really cool to have. Its solid black, as you would imagine, and the buckle features Cinelli’s “winged C” on it. It also has “BOOTLEG” and other words printed on the outside of the Cinelli Bootleg B-Belt.

Via Cinelli….

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Boski x Cinelli Fixed Gear Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Boski x Cinelli Fixed Gear Bike

boski cinelli fixed gear bike   Boski x Cinelli Fixed Gear Bike

Melbourne clothing brand Boski has connected with Cinelli to release a fixed gear bike. The Boski x Cinelli Fixed Gear Bike utilizes specific elements from each brand, with Cinelli paying attention to the details, and Boski bringing the fashion feel. Following the bike collaboration, 5 hand printed t-shirts were designed using characteristics from both companies. Available as a frame only, retail price is $2,750.

Boski x Cinelli Fixed Gear Bike
Sizes: 47, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58
Tubing: Columbus alloy custom 6061
Fork: Columbus carbon 1-1/8”
Rear wheel: Velocity B43 700c with Velocity fixed/fixed hub
Front wheel: Velocity Deep V 650c with Velocity hub
Tyres: Vittoria Zaffiro Pro rear/Rubino front
Crank: Sugino Messenger 165
Chainring: Brev Fyxomatosis 43t 130bcd
Sprocket: Soma 15t
Stem: Cinelli Mystic Bianca 31.8mm
Headset: Columbus
Handlebar: Cinelli Pepper 2010
Seat post: Cinelli Mystic Bianca 27.2mm
Saddle: San Marco Regal

Email for pre-ordering.

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Cinelli Ram Bar Bianca

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli Ram Bar Bianca

cinelli ram bar bianca   Cinelli Ram Bar Bianca

Cinelli produces a number of products, both bicycles and components. The Cinelli Ram Bar Bianca is just apart of Cinelli’s RAM project. They are made with a multi-layered structure of T700 High Modulus Carbon Fiber for a very strong handlebar. As the name implies, the Cinelli Ram Bar Bianca take the shape of a ram. The drops are bent in such a way as to allow a variable radius, utilizing Cinelli’s Variable Radius Concept (VRC). Three hand positions are available; nest zone to “nest” the palm in high position on the brake levers, thumb zone, which supports the thumb near the stem, and the lower section, which is extended to allow for a better grip. The Cinelli Ram Bar Bianca weigh 230 grams, and are available in 40, 42, and 44 cm.

Via Cinelli….

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Cinelli Flag Tapes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli Flag Tapes

cinelli flag tapes   Cinelli Flag Tapes

Add some true style as well as national pride to your handlebars with Cinelli’s Flag Tapes. The material is Cinelli’s original cork tape, and you can choose from four flag designs; Italian, Swiss, Japanese, and Canadian flags. The Cinelli Flag Tapes are a good way to add some personality as well as style to your bike.

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Cinelli Willin’ SL 2010 Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli Willin SL 2010 Road Bike

cinelli willin sl 2010 road bike   Cinelli Willin SL 2010 Road Bike

Here is yet another great road bike from Cinelli, the Willin’ SL 2010. It features a Columbus carbon SL monocoque frame and Columbus Tusk straight fork. A Shimano drivetrain and brakes are also featured on the Cinelli Willin’ SL 2010 Road Bike. The steering is provided by Cinelli Bianca Palm handlebars and a Cinelli Bianca stem. The tires used are Vittoria Rubino Pro and the wheels are Fulcrum Racing 5′s. A Prologo Nago saddle is featured as well….

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Cinelli Ram 2 Handlebars

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli Ram 2 Handlebars

cinelli ram 2 handlebars   Cinelli Ram 2 Handlebars

The Cinelli Ram 2 Handlebars are made with T700 High Modulus Carbon fiber with an 85 degree angle. They have a 1 1/8 inch clamping area. A key feature of the Cinelli Ram 2 Handlebars is that the holes where the brake cables are inserted has been raised, enabling the hand position to be higher, thus more comfortable. The variable radius drop (using VRC, or variable radius concept technology) enable the hand to follow the arc smoothly and also reach the brake levers easily. The Cinelli Ram 2 Handlebars are also available with an anatomic drop….

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Cinelli The Machine 2009 Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli The Machine 2009 Road Bike

cinelli the machine 2009 road bike   Cinelli The Machine 2009 Road Bike

From Cinelli‘s awesome 2009 lineup, The Machine is built to perform. A Columbus Carbon SLX Monocoque frame and Columbus Carve Mega fork provide the structure of The Machine. The frame is overall pretty light at 1100 grams. The drivetrain is powered by Shimano, as are the brakes. Cinelli Ram Bar handlebars take care of the grip and steering. Shimano HW-6600 wheels and Vittoria Rubino Pro tires provide a smooth ride. The Machine also features a Prologo Choice saddle. The Cinelli The Machine 2009 Road Bike comes in S, M, L, and XL.

Via Cinelli….

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