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Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Histogram Frameset

cinelli mash sf 2010 histogram frameset 1   Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Histogram Frameset

The Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 frameset has been issued a makeover, known as the Histogram which matches their new kits. Firstly, the Mash SF kits are specially made for the opening of Project Space Gallery and Tour of California, but a few frames were also available for sale on the MASH SF website.

Only available in limited quantities, the Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Histogram Frameset feature splashes of blue, green, black, purple, pink, and white, while produced with powder coat, matte clear coat, and fine die-cuts. Only three framesets released, and it looks like Mash is all out. If your lucky, you might spot one on eBay.

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Cinelli x Death Spray Ram 2 Carbon Handlebars

cinelli death spray ram 2 carbon handlebars   Cinelli x Death Spray Ram 2 Carbon Handlebars

Cinelli Ram 2 Carbon Handlebars have made a serious splash with cyclists, and while a good portion of local bike shops will have the handlebars, we can guarantee you will not find the collaboration with Cinelli and Death Spray just anywhere. The Cinelli x Death Spray Ram 2 Carbon Handlebars feature various mouths all over, giving the nickname to the collaboration “Hand to Mouth”, fitting the bars appropriately. One Cinelli logo is present right smack in the middle of someones mouth. You will not see any stickers or vinyl wraps, which would take away from the artwork. Instead, this is a clean job.

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Cool Rain x Cinelli Fixed Gear Toy

cool rain cinelli fixed gear toy   Cool Rain x Cinelli Fixed Gear Toy

Cool Rain who is known for creating and distributing vinyl toys brings us a small preview of the upcoming Cinelli Fixed Gear toy they plan on releasing. Using the Cinelli Vigorelli, the vinyl toy also comes with a figure dressed in Cinelli clothing. To our understanding, the company designed this Cinelli fixed gear toy without Cinelli’s permission, but their is a rumor that the two have came together and reconciled the differences, although not an official collaboration.

Source: Prollyisnotprobably

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Cinelli Bootleg T-Shirt

cinelli bootleg t shirt   Cinelli Bootleg T Shirt

If you have a cyclist in the family, something like the Cinelli Bootleg T-Shirt would be a great stocking stuffer. The shirts are very simple, in black color ways, with either “BOOTLEG – ILLEGAL HARD BIKE” soft touch logo on the front, or a “jumping” design. The shirt comes in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. With the Cinelli Bootleg T-Shirt, you can represent on and off the bike….

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Cinelli Pepper Riser Handlebars

cinelli pepper riser handlebars   Cinelli Pepper Riser Handlebars

Cinelli new riser handlebars known as the Pepper is constructed of forged 6061 T6 aluminum and double butted to take high volumes of strength, so the riser bars will last. The Cinelli Pepper Riser Handlebars as you may know is apart of Cinelli fixed gear line, and is designed with 35mm rise followed by 5 degrees of back sweep. Available in matte black (weighs 220 grams) and anodized white (weighs 225 grams).

Source: Pedalconsumption

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Cinelli Ram Saddle

cinelli ram saddle   Cinelli Ram Saddle

The Cinelli Ram Saddle is made with a multilayer HM T700 and M30 carbon fiber structure for increased stiffness. It also has a strengthened insertion point at the rail for extra stability. The Cinelli Ram Saddle’s rail is made from Pro Titanium for strength as well as light weight. It comes in a carbon and white color way with “ram” in red letters on the front….

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Cinelli Neo CK Stem

cinelli neo ck stem   Cinelli Neo CK Stem

If you’re looking for a good, strong, lightweight stem, the Cinelli Neo CK Stem may be the way to go. It is built with forged 7075 T6 alloy and reinforced with a layer of 3K plain carbon, with a special carbon/kevlar fabric. It comes in sizes 90, 100, 110, 120, and 130mm. The super lightweight Cinelli Neo CK Stem weighs only 130 grams. The Cinelli Neo CK Stem has been designed to match with the Cinelli Carbon Fiber handlebars.

Via Cinelli….

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