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Cinelli Unicanitor Saddle x Barry McGee

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli Unicanitor Saddle x Barry McGee

cinelli unicanitor saddle barry mcgee   Cinelli Unicanitor Saddle x Barry McGee

In 2011, Barry McGee and Cinelli will release the Unicanitor saddle.

Unlike the previous re-release of the Cinelli Unicanitor in 2009 (in plastic), the Barry McGee saddle will use synthetic leather. Using the original colors of black and yellow, and will use the traditional silver chrome steel.

The Cinelli Unicanitor saddle x Barry McGee is on display at Eurobike. You will also see new components and products for the 2011 line.

Source: Aerodynamique

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2011 Cinelli XCR Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Cinelli XCR Road Bike

2011 cinelli xcr road bike   2011 Cinelli XCR Road Bike

Another 2011 Cinelli offering that uses stainless steel, the XCR.

The 2011 Cinelli XCR Road Bike now uses a bottom bracket BSA, previous years the XCR had a BB30. Like said, the frame is made of stainless steel (triple thickness) and XCR pipes. Using the same carbon fiber forks, that weigh in at 360 grams, and the frames weight is 1,430 grams.

For a complete build, three group sets are available, Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo (shown). MSRP and release date has not been announced, but the Cinelli 2011 XCR will debut at EuroBike and InterBike.

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2011 Cinelli Gazzetta della Strada

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Cinelli Gazzetta della Strada

2011 cinelli gazzetta della strada   2011 Cinelli Gazzetta della Strada

Tuned and mastered for urban commuting, Cinelli shares the 2011 Gazzetta della Strada. The 2011 Cinelli Gazzetta della Strada is a 1950s style vintage road bike, but altered for commuting.

The Cinelli 2011 Gazzetta della Strada is made of Columbus tubing and TIG welds and weighs 2000 grams. Forks are also made of steel and weighs in at 725 grams.

Built with a Shimano Sora, Cinelli Vai stem and bars, Tektro brakes, and Novatec hubs. Three colorways will release, while you can purchase as a frame only for custom builds. Shown in midnight blue.

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Cinelli Mash SF Histogram Cycling Cap

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli Mash SF Histogram Cycling Cap

cinelli mash sf histogram cycling cap   Cinelli Mash SF Histogram Cycling Cap

After Cinelli and Mash SF made a big splash with the Histogram frameset, many have had mixed feelings on it. For those that missed out, but love the histogram look, MASH SF in connection with Cinelli released a cycling cap with the histogram print 360 degrees. They started shipping out to retailers on June 22nd, with Mash just receiving theirs. Retail price is $20.

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Cinelli Laser Track Frame Re-Release

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli Laser Track Frame Re Release

cinelli laser track frame re release   Cinelli Laser Track Frame Re Release

Whenever you see a Cinelli Laser Track Frame on eBay, you can except it to fetch at least $4,000. Even if you have the money, since the frames are limited, finding one is a task in itself. Today we have learned Cinelli will re-release the Laser Track Frame.

The original Cinelli Laser Track Frame was limited to 300, and released in the 1980s. Each original model was built by hand by Andrea Pesenti, designed by Antonio Colombo, and engineered by Paolo Erzegovesi. As of now, a release date, retail price, and availability is not known, but we are sure limited quantities will release.

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Cinelli Alter Stem Reissue

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli Alter Stem Reissue

cinellis alter stem reissue   Cinelli Alter Stem Reissue

The Alter Stem from Cinelli will soon be available in an upgraded version. It is said to fit 1 and 1/8th steer tubes with a shim to go along with it. The stem will also accommodate oversized handlebars. There is still no information as to whether Cinelli will be releasing the 26.0 or the 25.4 option in its new Alter Stem suped-up version.

Cinelli has been busy pumping the market full of innovations. The re-issuance of their amazing looking Alter Stem is about hitting the mark of the cycling world. Who knows what they’ve got cooking for the rest of the year. Our finger are crossed, though. …

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Cinelli frame contest

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli frame contest

cinelli frame contest 212x300   Cinelli frame contest The chance for you to own a custom painted Cinelli Vigorelli frame is here. To join the competition, simply send a photo depicting your delight with your own Vigorelli (with the smiley on bottom bracket visible).
You may send as many entries as you want while exhibiting your aesthetic talent. All entries must be sent to on or before 31 July 2010 with your contact info and consent that allows Cinelli to use your photos for promotional purposes.
The winning entry will be chosen by president of Gruppo S.P.A. (Columbus and Cinelli) Antonio Colombo based on the “best smile” interpretation.
At stake is a Cinelli Vigorelli frame and paint job of your personal choice inscribed and autographed by Antonio Colombo. The prize for the five runners…

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