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2012 Chrome Stock Cobra Hoodie

2012chrome stock cobra hoodie   2012 Chrome Stock Cobra Hoodie

For riders who do not mind spending on a quite pricey but high-quality cycling garment, the 2012 Chrome Stock Cobra Hoodie is online viagra recommended. In particular, tall and thin riders will find the long cut and cycling-oriented fit of this hoodie perfect.

Built from moleskin cotton, the Stock Cobra Hoodie is distinctly soft and fluffy. In addition, the moleskin cotton material is a heavy fabric that has a dense weave. Thus, it is not only soft but is also very wind-resistant, warm, and durable.

All of the hoodie’s pockets have zippered closures. Across the lower back is a cargo pocket and on the right sleeve is another pocket for keys. There are also two pockets for keeping the hands warm.


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Chrome Presents: The Grime Shredwell 2 Teaser

Chrome is sure teasing us with this short edit on their upcoming video called “Chrome Presents: The Grime Shredwell 2″.

The teaser shows Chrome team member Ed “Wonka” Laforte in LA shredding it up at random parks. We have some time before the full video releases, as Chrome hasn’t released a specific date.

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Chrome Pawn Rolltop Backpack

chrome pawn rolltop backpack   Chrome Pawn Rolltop Backpack

Chrome, best known for their messenger bags, has something in the backpack department worth looking into, the Chrome Pawn, which is an all-purpose pack that sports a seam-sealed and roll tight waterproof compartment.

This cycling friendly backpack is made of a fabric with 1000 denier Cordura outer shell with 18 oz. seam-sealed truck tarp liner all the way from Chico, California, USA. The bag’s flat dimensions are 18” wide, 19” high, 6” deep. It also sports Laser-cut unbreakable stainless steel hardware with external wet-dry pockets and daisy chain lash points.

The comfy Chrome Pawn backpack is laptop compatible, up to 15.4”, but it does not, however, have any integrated laptop sleeve. The bag’s typical haul may include 24 beers, a bag of ice, change of clothes, personal belongings and even your lunch. It currently fetches for $160.00.

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2011 Chrome Kursk Pro SPD Shoes

2011 chrome kursk pro spd shoes   2011 Chrome Kursk Pro SPD Shoes

Fusing casual walking shoes together with an efficient cycling shoes can be seen in the 2011 Chrome Kursk Pro SPD shoes.

The new Pro SPD shoes from Chrome might look like a plain and casual pair of shoes but check what it has underneath and what’s inside and you get to see a clearer picture of what exactly it can do.

These pair of cycling shoes offer great efficiency and foot support for pedaling in any road condition as well as provide added power and safety for your foot. On the flipside, the new Kursk footware also looks trendy and can be worn outside of the usual cycling circle.

Definitely a great looking addition to your cycling equipment or even for your collection of sneakers or other footware.

It currently fetches for $120.00 and is available both online and even on bike specialty stores. …

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Chrome’s Cobra & Pasha Jackets Make a Great Holiday Gift

chromes cobra pasha jackets make great holiday gift   Chromes Cobra & Pasha Jackets Make a Great Holiday Gift

If you’re scrounging for a Holiday gift for a friend or significant other, Chrome has you covered with its Cobra and Pasha cycling jackets. The cobra is a men’s exclusive release, while the Pasha is for women.

Weighing in at a light 1.3 pounds, Chrome‘s Cobra and Pasha jackets feature 100% merino wool but with a fleece merino backing. As you may already know, merino will keep you warm while deterring moisture away from the skin.

The small details that Chrome added is a benefit for any cyclist. For example hidden hand warmer pockets are on the front, a pocket on the wrist for a bike lock key and a back cargo pack with a concealed zip.

A part of Chrome’s 2010 Best of Holiday gift list, you can purchase the Cobra or Pasha for $160.

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Motorhead Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag

motorhead chrome citizen messenger bag   Motorhead Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag

The Godfather of heavy metal, Motorhead, has collaborated with Chrome on Chrome’s iconic Citizen messenger bag.

The Motorhead Chrome Citizen messenger bag is a limited edition. The exact production numbers are unknown. However, it is expected to be a low amount.

Chrome will release the Motorhead messenger bag on Black Friday (November 26th 2010). Retail price is $190.00.

To purchase, visit Chrome.

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Chrome Best of the Best Holiday 2010 Shopping List

chrome best of the best holiday 2010 shipping list   Chrome Best of the Best Holiday 2010 Shopping List

It’s almost that time of year again, the time for giving. Christmas shopping can always be tiresome, stressful, and frantic. If you plan on purchasing a gift for your favorite urban cyclist enthusiasts but want to save time, Chrome is on your side.

Chrome has compiled a Holiday shopping list that they call “Best of the Best”. The Holiday catalog has some of Chrome’s popular bags, shoes and clothing, but also debuts new products. See the whole catalog below.

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