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Triathletes at Tour of California Time Trial

triathletes at tour of california time trial 300x199   Triathletes at Tour of California Time TrialIt was a rare opportunity where triathletes Chris McCormack of Australia, Chris Lieto of the United States and Chrissie Wellington of Great Britain came to race at the Amgen Tour of California Time Trial stage.

The event was held in Los Angeles, California yesterday. Together with amateur cyclists, the triathletes took a run of the time trial course.

It was the seventh stage of the Amgen Tour of California. Here, many spectators will bear witness to how Lieto would fair with pure cycling riders, however, on-lookers and fans alike missed the opportunity when Lieto had a flat with only a few miles remaining of the race. Lieto clocked at 21:35 at the halfway point. McCormack time finished of the 20.9 miles was 46:15 and was fair enough for the overall 55th place. Updates are still to come in regarding the official time on Wellington who was said to be joining in…

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McCormack and Wassner Wins South Beach Triathlon

mccormack wassner wins south beach triathlon   McCormack and Wassner Wins South Beach Triathlon

The South Beach Triathlon in Miami was won by Chris McCormack of Australia and USA’s Laurel Wassner. The half mile ocean swim, 19-mile bike course and 4-mile run was held in Miami, Florida.

Chris Lieto led the group during the bike race however, during the run, McCormack came up behind him. Lieto continued to keep McCormack at bay but at the final stretch, McCormack broke into a sprint and crossed the finish line at 1:15:11. Lieto came second at 1:15:12.

In the women’s pro elite, Wassner was in great form from start to finish. She took the lead over other contenders and kept her spot until the end of the race. Wassner’s time was at 1:26:10. Jenny Fletcher came in second at 1:30:43.

Classic Male Pro/Elite:
1. Chris McCormack (AUS) 1:15:11
2. Chris Lieto (USA) 1:15:12
3. Guto Antunes (BRA) 1:26:57

Classic Female Pro/Elite:
1. Laurel Wassner (USA) 1:26:10
2. Jenny Fletcher (USA) 1:30:43
3. Elise Schillmoller (USA) 1:39:56


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