pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 E Thirteen XCX CX and XCXD Type Chain Guides

2012 e thirteen xcx cx and xcxd type chain guides   2012 E Thirteen XCX CX and XCXD Type Chain Guides

Newly released by E Thirteen for 2012 are two chain guides, which are the XCX-CX and XCXD-Type. Both new guides incorporate the adjustable upper slider from the World Cup winning LG1+ guide, alloy hardware and two color options of black or white.

Using a seat tube clamp, the cyclocross-specific device XCX-CX features a seamless chain line adjustment and is mountable to frames with 28.6, 31.8 or 34.0 seat tube diameters. Made for high-direct style front derailleur mounts, the XCX D-type attaches straight to the frame changing the front derailleur.

Both the 2012 E Thirteen XCX-CX and XCXD-Type Chain Guides are available in a bottom bracket, high and low seat tubes, and E-type/S3 mounting standards. These new chain guides are great additions to the high-quality E Thirteen line of one-by XCX crosscountry chain retention systems.

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