pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Lezyne Alloy Drive CFH Pump

2011 lezyne alloy drive cfh pump   2011 Lezyne Alloy Drive CFH Pump

Lezyne has released its new Alloy Drive CFH Pump for 2011. This is made for riders who are looking for the smartest solution to a flat tire. By using Flex Hose attachment, which the company has tried and tested, this pump is certainly reliable and innovative.

While CO2 canisters are ideal for saving time when deflation occurs during endurance mountain biking, be it a stage race, a whole day race, or a 24-hour marathon in the hills, carrying a pump is still necessary. However, carrying both can be a hassle during racing.

Thanks to the 2011 Lezyne Alloy Drive CFH Pump, racers do not have to carry both CO2 canisters and a pump. With its exacting standards, Lezyne designed its pump and the mount with a nicely machined aluminum barrel and handle making pumping tires as effortless as possible.

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