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2012 Blank Cell BMX Bike

2012 blank cell bmx bike   2012 Blank Cell BMX Bike

With great looks, the new BMX bike named Cell is unveiled by Blank Bikes for 2012. Built with a chromoly featured frame, this bike offers a ride that is longer lasting and has a better quality. This makes it the choice of professional BMX riders.

Featured by the Cell is a Classic Brake system, sealed Mid BB, 25-9T cassette hub gearing, Odyssey Aftermarket parts, and three-piece cranks. Moreover, the bike has a new all-in-one combo Blank Stencil seat and seatpost as well as the very popular Odyssey Twisted PC pedals.
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For riders who are getting into the BMX scene and ready enough to do some stunts, the 2012 Blank Cell BMX Bike is the appropriate machine. With its light and strong high-grade steel and highly polished components, this awesome bike effortlessly stands out.

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2012 Cell SS 101 City Bike

2012 cell ss 101 city bike   2012 Cell SS 101 City Bike

Known as the first bicycle to feature the Shimano Alfine internal gear hub in 2007, the SS 101 city bike is introduced by Cell Bikes once again for 2012. Control and safety are enhanced by its disc brakes, and unpleasant weather is tackled by the bike’s sealed internal gears, which allow for no slipped gears.

As one of the best-selling models of Cell Bikes, the SS 101 is an already well-liked bike, especially in Australia but is further improved for 2012. Its Shimano Alfine internal gear hub is made lighter, smoother, and even more efficient. Its virtually zero-maintenance hub allows riders to save money, too.

City street rides are fun and easy with the 2012 Cell SS 101 City Bike. As a maintenance-free machine, this city is ideal for commuting, weekend fitness rides, and touring.

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2012 Cell X-29er Mountain Bike

2012 cell x 29er mountain bike   2012 Cell X 29er Mountain Bike

One of the best mountain bikes to expect for 2012 is the Cell X-29er. This is perfect for riders who are looking for a big-wheeled mountain bike that is reasonably priced. On the other hand, this bike is built with the best parts and components available on the market today.

Along with the lighter and stronger competition frame are RockShox Tora 29er suspension forks and a Shimano drivetrain that allows smooth shifting. Moreover, the Cell X-29er features Shimano Disc Brakes that are both controlling and sure-stopping.

With its successful first predecessor, the 2012 Cell X-29er Mountain Bike is definitely a very promising machine. Combining the best price and the best quality, this new model will surely be a hit just like its previous version.

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2011 Cell MTX 1 Mountain Bike

2011 cell mtx 1 mountain bike   2011 Cell MTX 1 Mountain Bike

For cycling beginners, the 2011 Cell MTX 1 is one of the most affordable and most popular mountain bikes on the market today. With excellent versatility, the 2011 Cell MTX 1 Mountain Bike performs well city riding, going to work or school, or just getting around and running errands.

Not only is the 2011 Cell MTX 1 Mountain Bike more affordable than an exercise bike but more exciting to use as well. Strong components such as the double-wall rims the Cell MTX 1 last for years. Shimano 21 speed Rapid fire gears and lightweight full alloy construction add to the bike’s durability and convenience.

For fast riding on pavement, semi-slick tires are used on it. Tread is used on the sides as well for traction in grass or dirt. Cycling beginners will enjoy the comfortable upright position or lower racing position allowed by the adjustable stem.

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