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2012 Catlike Whisper Plus Road Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Catlike Whisper Plus Road Helmet

2012 catlike whisper plus road helmet   2012 Catlike Whisper Plus Road Helmet

A new helmet designed for road riders called Whisper Plus has been released by Catlike Helmets for 2012. With its dual flow technology as well as 39 vents, this road helmet is designed for effective cooling by way of serious airflow.

One of the visually remarkable features of the organic design of the Whisper Plus is its top shelf offering. Also, much air can get in the helmet’s front and top vents, crosses the head, and goes out through the back even at slow speeds.

Aside from its iconic and distinctive style, the 2012 Catlike Whisper Plus Road Helmet also features an outstanding fit. With its topnotch look and quality, this helmet is a choice for award-winning road riders.

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Catlike Whisper Plus Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Catlike Whisper Plus Helmet

catlike whisper plus helmet 300x223   Catlike Whisper Plus HelmetThe Catlike Whisper helmet comes in 13 colors and with 3 MTB versions which also has detachable visors. The popular honeycomb design comes in with 39 holes air intake system for better ventilation and a dual cooling technology.

The safety features of this helmet includes a CES technology which is a crash splitter, an inner pin rear receiver and an adjustable rear retention for the cyclist’s comfort. This helmet has meet its European safety standard under EN 1078, depending however on which country you live in to meet the specific requirement.

In the United States, although this helmet does not meet the CPCS standards, the Catlike Whisper was added by the US cycling with its European standards to it’s approved list.

The Whisper is convenient for cyclists since it is very light, weighing only about 230 grams in its Small and Medium sizes as well as it’s super compact design.

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