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2012 Castelli Core Mesh Short Sleeve Base Layer

2012 castelli core mesh short sleeve base layer   2012 Castelli Core Mesh Short Sleeve Base Layer

A new cycling garment that suits all types of riders is the 2012 Castelli Core Mesh Short Sleeve Base Layer. Tailored with cycling-specific specs and features, this short-sleeved base layer will not fail to keep the rider cool, comfortable, and dry.

In order to keep the rider dry especially during warm weather, the Core Mesh Short Sleeve Base Layer creates a layer of air between the body of the rider and the jersey worn. Through its superior body wrap design, moisture is effectively wicks away.

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Riding comfort is maximized by the minimal seams of the base layer. Through its incredible amount of stretch, readers barely feel that they are wearing the garment while cycling. Moreover, its embroidered logo adds to its simple but nice look.

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2011 Castelli Classica 6cm Socks

2011 castelli classica 6cm socks   2011 Castelli Classica 6cm Socks

Keep cool with this innovative pair of cycling specific socks in the form of the 2011 Castelli Clasica 6 cm Socks.

With blazing new technology in the form of the CoolMax yarn, riders on the road no matter what condition they might be in can keep cool and keep moisture under control.

The new socks also boasts of a mesh underfoot to help keep the rest of your foot comfortable as well as well ventilated. The socks continues to follow the grand old tradition of the Castelli with the help of the 6 c single-layer ankle cuff folds.

Despite the trusted brand name, the Castelli socks are priced at $19.60 and are available in bike specialty shops as well as online stores….

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2011 Castelli Nanoflex Arm Warmer

2011 castelli nanoflex arm warmer   2011 Castelli Nanoflex Arm Warmer

The new 2011 Castelli Nanoflex Arm Warmer has been dubbed “hot stuff” by riders

What should you know about the new arm warmers from Castelli? Well for starters, the new nanoflex arm warmer is made of a nanoflex, water-resistant fabric which is really breathable but at the same time elastic.

What a lot of fellow riders have been clamoring for in this great set of arm warmers is that its great for all weather conditions, including cold or chilly rainy days.

Acting like an older brother to the immensely popular Thermoflex fabric, the new Nanoflex fabric shares several characteristics, including the ability to repel water.

The new arm warmers from Castelli has a price tag of $40 and is available in specialty stores and online stores as well….

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Castelli Lightness Glove

castelli lightness glove   Castelli Lightness Glove

The Castelli Lightness Glove has impressed most of the staff of because of it’s innate ability to keep the rider’s hands warm despite the cold temperature.

We’re calling it out, its definitely a great piece of apparel to have with you during winter or even when the weather’s getting to chilly.

But what makes the new Castelli Lightness Glove such a great pair of gloves to bring during leisure bike rides or serious trainings? Well for starters, this bike gloves has a back section made entirely of Thermoflex, a breathable and flexible polyester material that helps keep things warm for anybody wearing the gloves.

The lower part of the gloves are made from Clarino synthetic leather that has also been designed to have a rubbery print across the palm to help in gripping, especially in cases where the palms are sweaty or wet. An extra layer of cloth has…

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2011 Castelli Nano Cycling Shoe Covers

2011 castelli nano cycling shoe covers   2011 Castelli Nano Cycling Shoe Covers

Rides during autumn and milder winter days call for waterproof and comfortable cycling garments such as the 2011 Castelli Nano Cycling Shoe Covers. Effectively keeping out harsh winds, drizzle and road spray, the Castelli Nano Cycling Shoe Covers are trusted by the Cervelo Test Team.

Castelli’s Nano material, a silicone-coated Lycra, makes the Castelli Nano Shoecovers ultra-lightweight, while the heavy-duty YKK zippers at the back makes the shoecovers extra durable. Riders’ feet will stay incredibly dry and warm during a rainy ride, thanks to the waterproof polyurethane face of the 2011 Castelli Nano Cycling Shoe Covers.

At the ankles of the said cycling shoe covers, silicone-coated elastics are used. With these silicone-coated elastics, riders will achieve a cozy fit to boost aerodynamics and to avoid having water run down their leg and straight into the shoes. Adding comfort to the rider’s feet is the nice coverage…

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Castelli Claudio Bib Shorts

castelli claudio bib shorts   Castelli Claudio Bib Shorts

The Claudio Bib Shorts from Castelli guarantees exceptional protection and warmth for winter riding. Made with its NanoFlex technology, the Claudio Bib Shorts are a water-repellent gem. It also blocks out that clammy cold feeling after moisture gets in. Its wicking fabric provides a quick drying fix and insulating warmth with the NanoFlex coating that lets the moisture slide off the fabric instead of soaking it in.

The bib shorts have its KISS 3 chamois padding for all-day comfort while riding. It also has breathable mesh straps, gel grippers and reflective tabs for visibility. Keeping you warm, dry and safe, the Claudio Bib Shorts comes in six sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXL) and in color black. MSRP is $129.99….

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