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Casqu’En Ville believes mixing up your regular bike helmet with a favorite hat is the answer to a more trendy commute.

Keeping your head safe is a priority for the fashion forward product yet so is style. The helmets are “dressed up”—or you can also say “disguised” as a newsboy cap, chapka, polo helmet cap, fluffy hat and other kinds of caps. Hats can be swapped out for a different look or occasion.

The basic helmet is made from either carbon fiber or black lacker carbon. This makes it light and durable. The hat and helmet comes in 5 sizes (XXS, XS, S, M and L). The helmet itself weighs around 220g to 310g depending on size. The wall inside the helmet is uses polystyrene and the padding follows that of a motorcycle helmet with 10 air ducts for ventilation and comfort.

The EPS helmet retails at $100, while the hat…

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