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2011 Carrera TDF Ltd Road Bike

2011 carrera tdf ltd road bike   2011 Carrera TDF Ltd Road Bike

Carrera has released a limited edition of a road bike called TDF this 2011. Whether the miles of routes are in the rural or urban areas, this road bike guarantees a pleasant ride free of glitches. Included in its excellent components are its full Shimano drivetrain with 16-speed ST-2300 shift and brake levers.

Perfect for the Carrera TDF, which is a tough bike made to last, is a frame that is strong but lightweight and comes with double wall alloy rims that reinforces wheel strength. The solid 36-spoke wheels are very dependable. While road riding, the road racing 700c x 23c tires are controlled and quick rolling.

In all conditions, the 2011 Carrera TDF Ltd Road Bike features reliable braking performance, thanks to the Tektro dual pivot brake calipers. With a bladed fork, the 6061 aluminum frame features durability and low weight, offering a more effortless and speedier ride….

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Carrera Solo Track & Ala Pista 2010 Bikes

carrera solo track ala pista 2010 bikes   Carrera Solo Track & Ala Pista 2010 Bikes

Carrera smooth track bikes for 2010 consist of the Solo Track and Ala Pista. Breaking each individual track bike down, the Carrera Solo Track 2010 features a blue, red, white color scheme, T7005 aluminum tubing with T6 heat treatment and the tubing is designed to eliminate the circulation of wind at high speeds. Now the Carrera Ala Pista 2010 frame is constructed of carbon fibre tubing in T300/3K High Module, and put together with Laminated Carbon technology, and the design of the frame helps posture plus eliminates wind at high speeds. Check out Carrera retailers to pick up yours.

Source: Pedalconsumption

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