pinit fg en rect gray 20   Brooks Oxford Roll Up Rain Cape

brooks oxford roll up rain cape   Brooks Oxford Roll Up Rain Cape

For those who do not like the feel of a regular cycling jacket and plan to commute this rainy season, Brooks has released the Oxford Roll Up rain cape.

The Brooks Oxford rain cape has magnets in the straps that wrap around your handlebars, allowing rain to slide off via its angle. For your safety in low light conditions, Brooks also added reflective JB Raver tweed.

Some jackets do not hold up to par against rain, and in some cases will soak your clothes. The Brooks Oxford roll up rain cape is made of waterproof cotton preventing this issue.

Manufactured in England, the Brooks rain cape uses vegetable tanned leather just like Brooks’ saddles.

If the skies clear on your ride, you can roll up the Brooks Oxford rain cape and attach it to the back of your saddle, using the same magnets that attach to your handlebars. Retail is…

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