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Canyon Excel Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Canyon Excel Helmet

canyon excel helmet   Canyon Excel Helmet

Racers with a good sense of fashion as well as on the lookout for an affordable helmet should definitely take up the offer of the new Canyon Excel Helmet from Canyon.

The new Canyon Excel helmets offer the best possible experience for style, weight, protection and ventilation at a fraction of the cost compared to most helmets out on the market right now.

Because of the design, which will feature a foam liner in the hard shell, the helmet gives an improved ventilation and is lighter compared to other helmets out now. While literally giving your head some breathing space it does not in anyway make the helmet’s strength suffer nor does it make it harder to wear.

The bike helmet has over 24 vents and it has machine washable anti-bacterial pads, which should be a great deal for a lot of racers who want to be hygienic while on the road. The…

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2011 Canyon Prestige Waterproof Cycle Pannier

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Canyon Prestige Waterproof Cycle Pannier

2011 canyon prestige waterproof cycle pannier   2011 Canyon Prestige Waterproof Cycle Pannier

One stylish waterproof cycle pannier released this 2011 is the Canyon Prestige. Made with a rubberized pannier fabric, the Canyon Prestige features sturdy construction with welded seams. Along with the roll-top closure are two straps to optimize comfort.

Adding to the good parts of the pannier are the detachable carry straps and thick rubber grab handles. On the other hand, though the pannier is aesthetically good, it has some downsides. Unlike most panniers, the Canyon Prestige does not have any inner or outer pockets, organizer pouches or internal dividers.

All in all, the 2011 Canyon Prestige Waterproof Cycle Pannier is still a decent bag. However, when it comes to fittings, the hooks of the pannier are not of top quality. With its cheap fittings and lack of pockets, this pannier cannot stand out as compared to other brands of the same price.

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2011 Canyon Ultimate SLX, Aeroad

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Canyon Ultimate SLX, Aeroad

2011 canyon ultimate slx aeroad 1 300x196   2011 Canyon Ultimate SLX, AeroadCanyon Bikes introduces the Aeroad and the Ultimate SLX road bikes for 2011. The Canyon SLX is a third generation carbon fiber machine which is very stiff and is ideal for hilly roads and climbs since it is lightweight and meets UCI limit. Both road bikes have integrated cable routing system and adjustable seatposts.

Canyon claims that not only is the SLX stiff, it is comfortable. It has a 27.2mm diameter seatpost, thin seat stays which has an oval shaped seatpost. The seatpost is not full carbon but is a combination of carbon and basalt fibers. Canyon calls this the VCLS Aero Post which is also on the Aeroad bike.

The Aeroad is called the “breakaway bike” since it is ideal for road racing. if you want to breakaway from the peloton, you would want a fast bike that aerodynamically designed to bring you ahead everyone else and Aeroad is the…

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