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2011 Cannondale Flash 29

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Cannondale Flash 29

cannondales flash 29er 300x190   2011 Cannondale Flash 29For 2011, Cannondale comes out with a 21 pound 29er that gives high quality performance on the trail despite being lightweight. The Flash 29 has a high modulus carbon fiber construction which goes from the front and splits at the seat tube and goes towards the rear.

With an inch and a half headtube, the Flash 29 also features the Cannondale S.A.V.E. chainstays and seatposts for a comfortable ride. They work like a mini-suspension systems on the bike to absorb rad shocks and vibrations.

The 2011 Flash 29 uses the Lefty Max Carbon fork which outperforms its competition with a guarantee on stiffer and lighter suspension. It also has a oversized BB30, improving the torsional resistance of the bike and allows for increased power transfer from your foot to the pedal.

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Cannondale SuperX Hammer Time 2011 Cyclocross Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cannondale SuperX Hammer Time 2011 Cyclocross Bike

superx hammer time 2011 cyclocross bike 300x215   Cannondale SuperX Hammer Time 2011 Cyclocross BikeCannondale introduces the new 2011 SuperX Hammer Time cyclocross bike which rivals other brands on weight and performance. The cyclocross bike weighs a mere 14.5 lbs without pedals. The frame is made from BallisTec carbon fiber and is designed to have wide with flat SAVE seat and chainstays. This allows the top tube to flow around the seat tube and continue to the stays. For easy shouldering and climbing, the junction on the frame flattens at the bottom area.

The Aluminum CAADX models of the SuperX comes with SRAM Rival or Shimano Utegra 105 or Tiagra parts and components. The complete bikes may cost you from $1,179 to$1,919.

The SuperX uses a Fizik Tundra2 saddle and FSA seatpost. It also has a custom rear brake cable hanger and a downtube that nearly matches the width of the BB30 bottom bracket shell. The tapered headtube measures 1-1/8” to 1-1/4”…

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Cannondale 2011 Jekyll Mountain Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cannondale 2011 Jekyll Mountain Bike

cannondale 2011 jekyll 300x225   Cannondale 2011 Jekyll Mountain BikeThe Jekyll from Cannondale substitutes the RZ One Forty in the dual-travel trail bike for 2011. The new Cannondale 2011 Jekyll comes out in six new models, three are carbon fiber, while the other three are aluminum. The lightest model weighs 25.4 pounds without pedals.

The 2011 Jekyll features a new technology developed by Cannondale and Fox called the DYAD RT2 rear shock. It works to allow two air shocks in one, with separate damping circuit for each of the air shocks.

The trail bike has Fox 32 Talas 150/90 mm fork. When used with the 150mm, it gives you a comfortable and smooth ride. However, you can opt to go bombing downhill. The bike holds true to its form and retains the stiffness needed by any cyclist.

When used with the 90mm, you can be sure that you will leave a blaze on the trail. Making the Jekyll live up…

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Cannondale 2011 Scalpel

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cannondale 2011 Scalpel

cannondale 2011 scalpel 300x225   Cannondale 2011 ScalpelFor 2011, Cannondale upgrades its Scalpel XC race bike. The new Scalpel is lighter and stiffer than its predecessor. A new technology dubbed as “HammerTime” carbon fiber was used which was a process involving carbon layup and was first used in Cannondale’s Flash carbon hardtail. The Japanese army used this technology for ballistic armoring. It has been dubbed t be even more tough than that of your average carbon fiber. Another modification on the Scalpel 2011 was the monocoque which was removed and replaced by a better tube-to-tube construction process for its frame.

The XC race bike also gets a new one-piece chainstay and BB30. There is also a new seatstay an upper bridge. As for the dropouts, disc brake tabs and shock lineage, Cannondale went with aluminum instead.

There will be four models offered under Scalpel , all with a zero pivot rear suspension. They also have a new 100mm…

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Cannondale Ville: Bike Folds into Shopping Cart Concept

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cannondale Ville: Bike Folds into Shopping Cart Concept

cannondale ville bike folds shopping cart concept   Cannondale Ville: Bike Folds into Shopping Cart Concept

If your looking for a city bike that you can run errands with, especially the grocery store, the new concept bike by Cannondale will be a hit. Not like other folding bikes, this Cannondale is known as the Ville acts as a normal functioning bike, but folds up twice to act as a shopping cart.

Designed by Hyuk-Jae Chang, the Cannondale Ville top tube splits down in two places, this sets the wheels parallel with each other. A third wheel comes into play that exposes himself on the bottom bracket, while a push handle appears on the top tube. The Cannondale Ville won the Bronze medal at the IDEA Design Awards 2010. So we ask you, do you think this bike should go into production?

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Cannondale Partners with Bosch for E-Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cannondale Partners with Bosch for E Bikes

cannondale partners with bosch for e bike 300x83   Cannondale Partners with Bosch for E BikesVenturing into the bike enterprise is the automotive giant Bosch with their first ever, new electronic drive system e-bike. It will be spec’d by Cannondale. Bob Burbank, general manager of Cannodale said that it will be marketed firstly in Europe. It will be showcased as a high-end Cannondale bike at Eurobike on its debut.

Both companies have collaborated on its engineering and design for more than a year and came out with an advanced performance and technology driven e-bike system that promises to be unique from anything else in the market. Cannondale and Bosch partnership is not exclusive. Bosch is looking to selling its drive system to other makers of e-bike.

Burbank declared, “We didn’t want a me-too product or slap on a current system, ‘Hey Cannondale’s got an e-bike.’ We wanted to work with a partner to make a system that would stand out.”

Rainer Jeske, head of Bosch Powertrain Systems,…

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Cannondale Planning to Move ONBike Commuter Into Production

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cannondale Planning to Move ONBike Commuter Into Production

cannondale planning to move onbike commuter into production   Cannondale Planning to Move ONBike Commuter Into Production

Bike manufacturer Cannondale has announced in its blog that their conceptual commuter bike called the Jackknife will now be going into production as the ONBike. The Jackknife concept bike was a stunner when it was introduced a few years ago, sporting the single-sided fork technology from Cannondale and eliminating the need for a rear triangle in the process.

Cannondale previously had no plans of going into production with its conceptual urban commuter, but due to “overwhelming support and interest”, the company is now moving its conceptual design into production as the ONBike. However, there will only be 250 ONBikes slated for production, with each unit individually numbered.

What makes the ONBike design so special? Well, this urban commuter boasts of a unique drivetrain system that incorporates an enclosed casing with a connecting beam to the bottom bracket and rear wheel. This is built into one…

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