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2012 Cannondale Bad Boy Fatty Rigid 9 Hybrid Bike

2012 cannondale bad boy fatty rigid 9 hybrid bike   2012 Cannondale Bad Boy Fatty Rigid 9 Hybrid Bike

Cannondale has released one of the good-looking hybrid bikes for 2012 called Bad Boy Fatty Rigid 9. Along with its upright geometry and flat handlebar are Tektro Novela mechanical disc brakes to provide every commuter with a responsive and stable ride.

While its 6061 aluminum frame offers quick acceleration, its disc brakes quickly reduces speed when necessary even during rainy rides. In all conditions, the Bad Boy Fatty Rigid 9 can tackle rides around town with its wide-ranging gears.

Perfect for commuting and touring, the 2012 Cannondale Bad Boy Fatty Rigid 9 Hybrid Bike has platform pedals that work with almost all shoes. Puncture protection is guaranteed, thanks to the RaceGuard protection belt featured by its fast-rolling and firm Schwalbe Kojack tires. zp8497586rq zp8497586rq…

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2012 Cannondale Quick CX4 Hybrid Bike

2012 cannondale quick cx4 hybrid bike   2012 Cannondale Quick CX4 Hybrid Bike

A perfect mix of a mountain bike and a city bike is found in the new 2012 Cannondale Quick CX4 Hybrid Bike. As a mountain bike, the Quick CX4 is very strong and stable, and as a city bike, it is very stylish and agile. Thus, this bike is the perfect partner for riders who are fond of adventures.

Its optimized 6061 alloy frame comes with disc brakes and flat bars, which are all mountain bike-inspired. On the other hand, it has striking graphics and stylishly crafted tubing that makes it suitable on the streets but still tough enough to take the more demanding severity of rough roads and trails.

What accentuates the exciting versatility of this hybrid bike is its great combination of light weight, classy aesthetics, and tough quality. With its incredible versatility, a great ride is guaranteed, thanks to its attention to details.

2012 Cannondale Slice Ultegra Triathlon Bike

2012 cannondale slice ultegra   2012 Cannondale Slice Ultegra Triathlon Bike

Since it is very similar to its predecessor, the 2012 Cannondale Slice Ultegra offers the same top qualities as the 2011 model did. What makes the Slice Ultegra a better choice than other triathlon bikes is its incredibly light weight.

Another feature that makes the Slice Ultegra one of the best bikes in its category is its firm handling and highspeed through long descents and sweeping corners. Despite its stiffness, comfort is guaranteed by combining vibration-shrinking save stays with supple armrests and a thin top tube and saddle.

Outstanding stiffness guarantees excellent control of the bike. This is due in part to the the thick chain stay and the BB30 bottom bracket. Very lightweight, the Slice Ultegra helps the rider save energy when needed and climb the hills effortlessly.

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2012 Cannondale Scalpel Carbon 29er Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes

2012 cannondale scalpel carbon 29er full suspension mountain bikes   2012 Cannondale Scalpel Carbon 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

There will be four models of 29er full-suspension mountain bikes called Scalpel released by Cannondale for 2012. Two of the models are carbon and two are aluminum. Finally entering the 29er full suspension market, Cannondale made sure that they offer top quality.

In terms of design, Cannondale nicely mixed the looks of the 2011 Scalpel model with Jekyll’s innovative technology. Jekyll offers extra stiffness with the Clashnikov top tube while the 2011 Scalpel gives light weight and no pivot junction for chain and seat stays.

Highly anticipated, the 2012 Cannondale Scalpel Carbon 29er Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes are finally out on the market. Thanks to its 100mm of suspension travel front and rear, the Scalpel is ideal for all-day trail riding and very versatile for mountain bike racing.

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2012 Cannondale Bad Girl

2012 cannondale bad girl   2012 Cannondale Bad Girl

New for 2012 is a beautiful bike from Cannondale called Bad Girl, which is especially designed for women riders. There are three models to choose from, the most famous of which is the Bad Girl 1 that features less parts, the same frame, different fork, and downgraded drivetrain.

Imitating the traditional Delta-V mountain bikes’ frame, the Bad Girl 1 features Cannondale Lefty Headshok with a new one piece integration(OPI) fork. Included in its excellent blend of downgraded drivetrain is the Shimano Deore/SLX and Magura Hyraulic disc brakes.

An excellent machine for women riders to commute with style and performance is the 2012 Cannondale Bad Girl. Not only is the Bad Girl good-looking. This city bike is also budget friendly. It is available in two sizes, which are small and tall.

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2012 Cannondale Ryker Mountain Biking Helmet

2012 cannondale ryker mountain biking helmet   2012 Cannondale Ryker Mountain Biking Helmet

For 2012, Cannondale has released a mountain bike helmet called Ryker. Like its typical approach, Cannondale designed the Ryker to offer first-rate comfort, function, form, safety and overall usage. In key impact zones, support and strength are added by the exoskeleton reinforcements.

Embedded chassis tackles impacts while occipital fit system with micro adjust dial allows for an easy and perfect fit. To disperse and redirect impact, the helmet features a dual density foam. Extra safety and protection is provided by the cone-shaped foam that functions as crumple zones.

With the moisture and odor resistant rubber pad in the back, large vents make the helmet more breathable. Weighing about 250g, the 2012 Cannondale Ryker Mountain Biking Helmet is for riders who demand comfort and safety when mountain biking. The helmet is available in five color options.

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2011 Cannondale Lefty LFA PBR140 Suspension Fork

2011 cannondale lefty lfa pbr140 suspension fork   2011 Cannondale Lefty LFA PBR140 Suspension Fork

Cannondale has made the single-legged Lefty LFA (Lefty For All) PBR140 Suspension Fork available for 2011. By using a fixed tapered axle and a keyed design, the telescopic single leg allows for an excellent on-trail steering and braking rigidity at an extremely low weight.

While it is compatible with 1.125 and 1.5in head tubes, the offset fork calls for a dedicated wheel. Moreover, although having to loosen the brake when removing the wheel and the left knee clearance out of the saddle hassle, the wheel in-situ can fix the punctures.

Providing the the 140mm RockShox-derived air spring stroke a flexible ground-tracking start are the 88 needle bearings. The 2011 Cannondale Lefty LFA PBR140 Suspension Fork offers a consistent PBR damping controlled with a presson, snap-off lockout/rebound adjuster beneath bar level.

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