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New AngleSet from Cane Creek

pinit fg en rect gray 20   New AngleSet from Cane Creek

new angleset from cane creek 300x300   New AngleSet from Cane Creek

Josh Coaplen, the Director of Research and Development for Cane Creek had long constructive talk with Santa Cruz Bicycles and both parties are in agreement that there is a need to help riders by developing a simple way of adjusting a head tube angle. As a result, the new Cane Creek’s AngleSet is soon to be available by September.

The AngleSet of Cane Creek is a threadless headset, which will allow riders to adjust and transform the head angle of their mountain bikes by up to six offset angle, making allowance for steeper or slacker positions from 0.5 to 1.5 degrees. It is a head tube length independent and designed to fit most popular standard head-tubes. Its patent design is pending until the blueprint is perfected prior to its release in the market.

This is in accordance to a statement released by Cane Creek Research and Development and in addition to its…

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Cane Creek 100 Headset Threaded 1″

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cane Creek 100 Headset Threaded 1

cane creek 100 headset threaded 1   Cane Creek 100 Headset Threaded 1

Innovation is one of Cane Creek’s visions in every product they produce. With a track record of creating products that have changed the face of bike components, Cane Creek continues to foster its mission to bring quality and performance in every new item.

Having accomplished the threadless headset technology, it is only proper that Cane Creek introduce the 100.TD 1” headset. The headset is made of premium headset alloy 7075 T-6 which gives both aesthetic and durable qualities you would want in a threadless headset. Other headsets are made up of the softer version of the alloy, the 6061. Top and bottom bearings are made up of Split-Lip Black Oxide ACB and weighs in at 93 grams.

The Cane Creek logo is etched on the 100.TD 1” together with other company marks. It has keywashers that can adjust to your threaded steerers. It is compatible with both keyed and non-keyed types. The…

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Cane Creek 44mm Headset Solution

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cane Creek 44mm Headset Solution

cane creek 44mm headset solution   Cane Creek 44mm Headset Solution

Cane Creek sought to find a headset solution that will allow use of a tapered steerer fork in a standard ZeroStack. A humble custom frame builder from Portland, Oregon named Sean Chaney, approached Cane Creek with a simple yet brilliant headset idea.

Chaney came to David Turner, owner of Turner Bicycles with his idea. He asked advice as to who would be interested to become partners with him and work his idea from paper to something tangible. Turner thought of Cane Creek, being one of the companies who are willing to take risks and encourage innovative ideas.

They approached Josh Coaplen, director of research and development in Cane Creek. Coaplen was impressed by Chaney’s solution. “The headset bottom is simply a 1.5-inch traditional with a 44 millimeter diameter insertion sleeve that fits a frame using the ZeroStack standard.”, he said. Coaplen also expressed his excitement over the idea because it can…

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Orange Bikes Will Use Cane Creek Double Barrel Shock

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Orange Bikes Will Use Cane Creek Double Barrel Shock

orange bikes cane creek double barrel shock   Orange Bikes Will Use Cane Creek Double Barrel Shock

Orange Bikes will start using Cane Creek Double Barrel Shocks on select mountain bike models. The models to expect using the Cane Creek Double Barrel Shock are the Alpine 160, 224 Evolution, and Blood Bikes, and will feature Öhlins’ Twin Tube technology. Due to design, you are allowed full control of rebound and compression, which is achieved by oil circulating throughout the valving, while other shocks use the main piston.

Cane Creek Double Barrel shocks use four way adjustments for you to tune for high and low speed compression and high and low speed rebound, which can simply be done by hand. No need for aftermarket tunes due to the external adjustment, you can easily customize and setup for type of riding or weather conditions. Orange Bikes packages three different spring rates per model, while picking one depends on your weight. Upgrading to…

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Cane Creek Easy Fit Headset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cane Creek Easy Fit Headset

cane creek easy fit headset   Cane Creek Easy Fit Headset

The maker of quality cycling parts, Cane Creek launches the first online headset finder. The site aims to assist you on finding the perfect fit for your bike and the headset. Due to the varied 20 conversion headset configurations, with integrated and semi-integrated standards, this can get confusing to any buyer. has a simplified and organized process that can help you easily find the ideal headset for your ride.

The entire search is easy to do. You just need to type in the bike’s make, model and year. You also have to choose if you are using a stock fork or not. After doing all of this, you just click on the “Next” button and then you will be given the ideal headset(s) for you.

If you have no idea what your bike’s make, model and year is, there is an option wherein you can choose…

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Cane Creek Stops Production on Wheels

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cane Creek Stops Production on Wheels

cane creek stops production wheels   Cane Creek Stops Production on Wheels

Cane Creek is known for their wheels and wheelsets, but will now step away and stated they are stopping production. You may have seen the thick wall rims with a little lizard, but Cane Creek will take a different route and now they are having a blowout sale on all remaining products. If you have concerns about purchasing a Cane Creek wheelset because they are ceasing production, well they will still back their products and if you need a replacement due to warranty issues they will act upon it appropriately and you will be compensated.

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