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2011 Campagnolo Cycling Jacket, Jersey, and Shorts for Women

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Campagnolo Cycling Jacket, Jersey, and Shorts for Women

2011 campagnolo cycling jacket jersey and shorts for women   2011 Campagnolo Cycling Jacket, Jersey, and Shorts for Women

Campagnolo released a new Tech Motion lineup for women, including a windproof jacket, jersey and shorts. Some similarities with the Campagnolo cycling apparel for men are featured in the 2011 Campagnolo Cycling Jacket, Jersey and Shorts for Women.

Such is the 2011 Campagnolo jacket for women, which incorporates Light Textran windproof, breathable fabric. Reflective piping is included in the jacket’s front and rear zips and IQseen heat-applied reflective inserts is on the front, back and sides to greatly increase all-around visibility at night. To wick moisture away from the skin, the jacket has a hydrophillic membrane in its fabric.

Like the jacket, the Campagnolo jersey also has eflective features along with two open rear pockets and a third side-entry zip pocket. A small pocket above the left breast is on the front with a concealed zipper. With Lycra Xtra Fine material, the jersey is very lightweight, flexible, breathable and…

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Campagnolo Super Record 11S Front and Rear Derailleur

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Campagnolo Super Record 11S Front and Rear Derailleur

campagnolo super record 11s front and rear derailleur   Campagnolo Super Record 11S Front and Rear Derailleur

Campagnolo Super Record 11S Front and Rear Derailleurs are great in terms of speed, smoothness, and precision. Features buy cialis 20mg such as its weight provide optimal performance as well—thanks to its selected materials and Ultra-Shift™ geometry.

The Campagnolo Super Record 11S Front Derailleur features an Ultra-Shift™ carbon cage, Z-Shape™ inner cage, surface treatment, and an exclusive M-Brace™ Campagnolo® geometry derailleur. The Ultra-Shift™ carbon cage has a graduated curvature that allows fast and extremely precise shifting. The Z-Shape™ inner cage provides maximum cage force and rigidity when shifting. The exclusive M-Brace™ Campagnolo® geometry derailleur also provides high system rigidity and makes for precise shifting.

The upper to lower pulley of the Campagnolo Super Record 11S Rear Derailleur comes in a 55 mm axle, composite outer plate, Titanium hanger and pivot bolt, parallelogram with 11s geometry, and forged carbon fiber. The aluminum upper and lower body…

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Campagnolo Cycling Apparel 2011

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Campagnolo Cycling Apparel 2011

campagnolo cycling apparel 2011   Campagnolo Cycling Apparel 2011

Campagnolo introduces its latest in cycling apparel for 2011, including Tech Motion windproof jacket, a light wind jacket, Tech Motion bibs, Tech Motion full zip jersey, and Tech motion gloves.

The two jackets—the titanium Tech Motion windproof jacket and the lightweight wind jacket—are both windproof but the latter is also waterproof. The titanium Tech Motion is made of Light Textran material that helps wick sweat away more easily. Though the outer layer makes the jacket windproof, it is still breathable, soft and comfortable. On the other hand, the lightweight wind jacket is made of laminated fabric that makes it both windproof and waterproof. The fabric weighs 50g per square meter only, which is similar to a rain cloak. Both jackets are offered in sizes S to XXXL.

The Tech Motion bibs are more than just cycling apparel. Using Campy’s Tri-ProPad, the bibs are made of high stretch fabric with a…

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Campagnolo L118 Women Racing Jersey

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Campagnolo L118 Women Racing Jersey

campagnolo l118 womens racing jersey   Campagnolo L118 Women Racing Jersey

Campagnolo‘s product range includes cycling apparel and its latest addition is the L118 Women’s Racing Jersey. The long-sleeved jersey provides the needed warmth and full coverage for women cyclists, especially during the winter months. Its fabric is made with a hollow-core material called “Alaska” that provides heat control. This also meant less sweat gathers because the fabric promotes overall dryness.

The L118 has shaped sleeves and fits to the body but is extremely breathable and non-restrictive. Anti-bacterial in a sense that the Alaska fabric guarantees no bacteria from moisture.

There are two back pockets to house valuables, a silicone gripper with the reflective Campagnolo logo and red detailing on the sides. The L118 comes in two colors and with sizes from XS to XL.

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Campagnolo 11 Speed Electronic Groupset on Pinarello Dogma Giro d’Italia Special Edition

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Campagnolo 11 Speed Electronic Groupset on Pinarello Dogma Giro dItalia Special Edition

campagnolo 11 speed electronic groupset pinarello dogma   Campagnolo 11 Speed Electronic Groupset on Pinarello Dogma Giro dItalia Special Edition

Known for carbonized materials, Campagnolo now offers its 11-speed special edition electronic gear system. Just recently they’ve announced to the public that their specialized gear system will be specifically used only by the Spanish Movistar team in the 2011 Giro d’Italia tour.

Since Pinarello already replaced Cervelo as the official Giro d’Italia bike for the next 3 years, including the upcoming 2011 tour, the electronic groupset was seen during the presentation of the Giro d’Italia in a special black and pink finish.

When you browse the Campagnolo system it seems similar to the Shimano Di2 but this time with wires in replacement of the gear cables and a battery-powered gear placed on the down tube just behind the bottle case. Now that Campagnolo designed the special edition gear system, both levers and batteries can be seen labeled Campy Tech Lab—said to be derived from the company’s development division.

The system’s chain…

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Campagnolo CX Cranksets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Campagnolo CX Cranksets

campagnolo cx cranksets 1 300x211   Campagnolo CX CranksetsCampagnolo ventures to the rain and mud with its CX Power-Torque Cranksets. They come in carbon and aluminum versions but with the carbon components weighing lighter by 100g. The cranks come in 10-speed and 11 speed versions aptly named CX10 and CX11 respectively. For the carbon models, they weigh 628g (11-speed) and 629g (10-speed). As for the aluminum models, they weigh 728g (11-speed) and 731g (10-speed).

The CX Power-Torque Cranksets feature Campagnolo’s C.A.R.T. or Cyclocross Advanced Racing Techonlogy. This was applied to the chainrings which actually uses a special drivetrain for smaller chainrings. The Power-Torque BB has the doubleslip pedal feature to protect and prolong the bearing life of your bike.

The Campagnolo CX Power-Torque Cranksets will be available of 170, 172.5 and 175mm lengths.

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2011 Campagnolo Khamsin Wheels

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Campagnolo Khamsin Wheels

2011 campagnolo khamsin 1 300x300   2011 Campagnolo Khamsin WheelsCampagnolo launches an updated version of Khamsin for 2011. Its main goal was to create a wheel that has excellent features, advanced technology, lighter than the 2010 Khamsin but at a competitive price.

The 2011 Khamsin rims that are light yet durable, thanks to a new production process that the Campy Tech team devised. It carries a brand new wear indicator and new graphics. The rims are anodized black.

There are also reinforced spoke housing for the aluminum hubs which are anodized black. It also features oversized flange on the cassette side of the rear wheel.

The new Khamsin has stainless steel 20 straight-head round spokes at the front. As for the rear, there are 9 spokes on the left and with the G3 geometry, 18 curved-head round spokes are on the cassette side.

The 2011 Campagnolo Khamsin certainly challenges existing performance and reliability by raising the bar for an entry level wheel.

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