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2012 Campagnolo Centaur 2×10 Carbon Groupset

2012 campagnolo centaur 2x10 carbon groupset   2012 Campagnolo Centaur 2x10 Carbon Groupset

Another newly released cycling item from Campagnolo for 2012, a new 2×10 carbon groupset called Centaur. Along with it perfect operation, ultimate solidity, and advanced technical solutions, its valuable finish in racing design is guaranteed precision.

Making the Centaur a top-of-the-line groupset is an excellent control of the drive train. Thanks to its Ergopower Carbon controls, Power-Shift System, and the classic Campagnolo two-lever system. Also, the carbon crankset comes with a Power-Torque System bottom bracket.
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Carefully designed and conceptualized, the 2012 Campagnolo Centaur 2×10 Carbon Groupset offers the best shifting performance in the 10-speed category. This is ideal for riders who want to comfortably ride thousands of miles with confidence.


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2012 Campagnolo Eurus Road Bike Wheels

2012 campagnolo eurus road bike wheels   2012 Campagnolo Eurus Road Bike Wheels

Along with the Shamal Ultra, one of the two wheelsets updated by Campagnolo for 2012 is the Eurus. The new Eurus road bike wheels will be available in clincher and two-way fit versions, which are both highlighted with the new black and white graphics from Campagnolo.

On the rear wheel, the Eurus features an oversized drive side flange, just like the Shamal Ultra. Through this, both the responsiveness of the wheels as well as the overall bike performance are improved. Both models use Mega G3 geometry for optimum spoke tension and more durability.

Featuring aluminum hub bodies, the 2012 Campagnolo Eurus Road Bike Wheels offer an enhanced stiffness. Moreover, its steel ball bearings ensure an enduring performance and are easier to maintain and more adjustable, thanks to its cup and cone system.

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2012 Campagnolo Shamal Ultra Wheels

2012 campagnolo shamal ultra wheels   2012 Campagnolo Shamal Ultra Wheels

Campagnolo has introduced its 2012 range of medium-profile wheels, one of which is the Shamal Ultra. Aside from their higher level of reactivity and performance, the wheels feature innovative technologies to achieve the key features of road bike wheels, including stiffness, light weight, and aerodynamics.

Equipped with carbon-aluminum hub bodies, the new Shamal Ultra wheels offer optimum stiffness and weight. The USB ceramic bearings within the hub increased smoothness while decreasing friction. Along with the clincher and tubular versions is an exclusive Campagnolo two-way fit mode.

Weights on the 2012 Campagnolo Shamal Ultra Wheels are the same as the earlier versions. The combined weight of both the clincher and tubular versions is 1,425g. Weighing in at 1,440g, the two-way fit model is a little heavier and it is compatible with either clinchers or tubulars.

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2012 Campagnolo Bullet Carbon Wheels

2012 campagnolo bullet carbon wheels   2012 Campagnolo Bullet Carbon Wheels

Campagnolo has produced one of the leading high-profile carbon wheels for 2012 called Bullet. Not only does it look great in terms of aesthetics. Moreover, the wheels offer excellent performance, practicality, responsiveness, and aerodynamics as well as light weight.

To allow the rider to look for the best wheel that matches their specific requirements, the wheels are available in an extensive range called Bullet Ultra. While the Bullet is available in 50mm and 80mm heights and in one color, the Bullet Ultra offers an extra extreme 105mm height and in two colors.

First-rate in many aspects, the 2012 Campagnolo Bullet Carbon Wheels are considered a standard in its category. Released as an ultra two-way fit version with an aluminum braking track, the Bullet is the first aluminum/carbon wheel intended for tubeless clinchers.

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Campagnolo Carbon-Aluminum Aerodynamic Bullet Wheels

campagnolo carbon aluminum aerodynamic bullet wheels   Campagnolo Carbon Aluminum Aerodynamic Bullet Wheels

A new line of carbon-aluminum wheels from Campagnolo officially called “Campagnolo Carbon-Aluminum Aerodynamic Bullet Wheels” features an aerodynamic wheelset, which is most definitely a sign of bigger things to come next year.

The new set of wheels called the “Bullet” series utilizes a 2-Way Fit system over their new carbon rim with an aluminum brake track.

The wheels themselves get a visually striking new look, which features a super slick and slim rim profile that was added in to increase the low pressure section at the back of the tire. The new design was also integral in minimizing the high pressure zone located in the front of the wheel. Cleverly using aerodynamics to their advantage, the new wheels from Campagnolo, the wheels get pushed with less friction and resistance and even reduces the turbulence.

To help thin the wheel’s rims, Campagnolo also introduces the new “Direction Rim Spoke Coupling” to the…

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2011 Campagnolo Bora Ultra 80 Wheels

2011 campagnolo bora ultra 80 wheels   2011 Campagnolo Bora Ultra 80 Wheels

Campagnolo returns to the triathlon market segment with their new 2011 Campagnolo Bora Ultra 80 wheels.

This new 80mm deep wheel addition to Campagnolo’s aero lineup is definitely shaping up to be a great looking wheelset both in function and in style and aesthetics.

The new Campy Bora wheels can work well with both the Bora Ultra One and or Bora Two depending on the road and the course that you would like to take on.

Aside from this, the Campagnolo Bora Ultra also features a great looking design with a new muted color scheme that helps in making the wheels look great while rolling on the road.

These new wheels from Campagnolo have a perfect set of bearings called the CULT or Campagnolo Ultimate Level Technology, which is Campy’s ultimate ball bearing system.

The Bora 80 wheels have a carbon hub shell plus an oversized aluminum flange to help ease the stress placed…

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2012 Campagnolo 11 Speed Time Trial Components

2012 campagnolo 11 speed time trial components   2012 Campagnolo 11 Speed Time Trial Components

Campagnolo returns with a new set of components for time trial bikes in the form of the 2012 Campagnolo 11 Speed Time Trial Components.

The new components from Campagnolo features derailleurs for time trial bikes. It consists of time trial specific fixed gears, including bar-end shifters, base-bar brake levers, brake calipers and a crankset both perfect for configurations ranging from 10 speed and 11 speed.

The time trial bar-end shifters can be bought in two forms, either in 155g carbon or 167g aluminum for the 11-speed models while the 10 speed variant carries only the aluminum bar-end shifter. Either way, both shifters feature the “Back to Zero Position” which helps bring the lever back to its starting point and parallel to the wind after each and every shift similar to how the SRAM R2C aero shifters work. The 2012 models are definitely adjustable for comfort and ergonomic.

Three cogs can also…

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