pinit fg en rect gray 20   Campagnolo Carbon Aluminum Aerodynamic Bullet Wheels

campagnolo carbon aluminum aerodynamic bullet wheels   Campagnolo Carbon Aluminum Aerodynamic Bullet Wheels

A new line of carbon-aluminum wheels from Campagnolo officially called “Campagnolo Carbon-Aluminum Aerodynamic Bullet Wheels” features an aerodynamic wheelset, which is most definitely a sign of bigger things to come next year.

The new set of wheels called the “Bullet” series utilizes a 2-Way Fit system over their new carbon rim with an aluminum brake track.

The wheels themselves get a visually striking new look, which features a super slick and slim rim profile that was added in to increase the low pressure section at the back of the tire. The new design was also integral in minimizing the high pressure zone located in the front of the wheel. Cleverly using aerodynamics to their advantage, the new wheels from Campagnolo, the wheels get pushed with less friction and resistance and even reduces the turbulence.

To help thin the wheel’s rims, Campagnolo also introduces the new “Direction Rim Spoke Coupling” to the…

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