pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Campagnolo Bora Ultra 80 Wheels

2011 campagnolo bora ultra 80 wheels   2011 Campagnolo Bora Ultra 80 Wheels

Campagnolo returns to the triathlon market segment with their new 2011 Campagnolo Bora Ultra 80 wheels.

This new 80mm deep wheel addition to Campagnolo’s aero lineup is definitely shaping up to be a great looking wheelset both in function and in style and aesthetics.

The new Campy Bora wheels can work well with both the Bora Ultra One and or Bora Two depending on the road and the course that you would like to take on.

Aside from this, the Campagnolo Bora Ultra also features a great looking design with a new muted color scheme that helps in making the wheels look great while rolling on the road.

These new wheels from Campagnolo have a perfect set of bearings called the CULT or Campagnolo Ultimate Level Technology, which is Campy’s ultimate ball bearing system.

The Bora 80 wheels have a carbon hub shell plus an oversized aluminum flange to help ease the stress placed…

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