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Meyer, Bobridge from Track to Giro d’Italia

meyer bobridge from track to giro ditalia 1 199x300   Meyer, Bobridge from Track to Giro dItaliaThe Giro d’Italia is a three-week stage race and World Track champions Cameron Meyer and Jack Bobridge are having a tough time. To mark the start of their new careers, both took the hardships as part of a long learning process. After ten stages, the two Garmin-Transition riders are more than an hour and a half down on Alexandre Vinokourov.

They shared their teammate Tyler Farrar’s triumph in Bitonto. “This gives you a very good feeling but I wasn’t feeling well during the whole stage,” said Meyer at the finishing line south of Italy.

Meyer, the Australian time trial champion said, “I’ve done thirteen stages of the Giro last year, hopefully I’ll see Verona (the final stage) this year.” He crashed and hurt his left shoulder quite badly the day before but quitting is out of the question.

At the Tour of Oman last February, Meyer finished as third overall and won…

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Meyer Wins 2nd Points World Title in Copenhagen

meyer wins 2nd points world title in copenhagen   Meyer Wins 2nd Points World Title in Copenhagen

The first day of the 2010 Track World Championships did not disappoint as the fans were treated to lots of exciting finishes in Denmark this Wednesday. This event, conveniently held at around the midway point between the last Olympic Games in Beijing and the upcoming games in London, also serves as a sort-of measuring stick to gauge the form and ability of future Olympic cyclists.

Cameron Meyer of Australia did not disappoint, as he proved to everyone why he’s the reigning points world champion by conquering the 40-kilometer, 160-lap track at the Men’s Points Race. As the defending champion of this event, Meyer was the favorite at the start of the race, and he practically guaranteed his victory when he lapped the field twice to earn 20 points. By the end of the race, the Australian had amassed a total of 70 points on his way to winning…

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Meyer Will Use 3T The Sphinx Handlebars

meyer will use 3t the sphinx handlebars   Meyer Will Use 3T The Sphinx Handlebars

Cameron Meyer of Team Garmin-Transitions will be using a new handlebar from 3T for the track world championships in Australia.

The new product is called the Sphinx. It has a flat aero, top section that rises before curving downwards. Thin aero profiles are found in between the end of the hooks and the bends of this UCI-friendly bar.

The handlebar was named the Sphinx for the flat forearm position of points of racers. 3T developed this item with Meyer.

Richard McAinsh, a technical director of 3T, explains how they worked with Meyer on the conception of the handlebar. “We know Cameron through Team Garmin-Transitions. He came to us and explained how he rides the points race, alternating between level high speed and all-out sprinting. We saw the chance to use a new UCI-compliant aerofoil we were developing.”

A rider can somehow copy a road position with the raised bends. The wrists are positioned on…

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Cameron Meyer Wins Australian Time Trial Championship

cameron meyer wins australian time trial championships   Cameron Meyer Wins Australian Time Trial Championship

Cameron Meyer, of Garmin-Transitions, has seized victory at the Australian time trial today. He came close last year, finishing as the runner-up behind Luke Roberts. The young, 21-year-old Meyer’s winning time was 50 minutes and 52 seconds in the 38km course in Ballarat. John Anderson finished behind Meyer with a time of 51:21, and behind him was Roberts, with 51:25. Cameron’s younger brother, Travis, finished fifth with 52.27.

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