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Camelbak Podium Chill Water Bottles

camelbak podium chill water bottles   Camelbak Podium Chill Water Bottles

For people who are doing intense activities like bikers do, they would like to have cold water to quench their thirst. If you are among these bikers, then you will be delighted to know that CamelBak has launched Podium Chill bottle that will keep your water cold for longer hours than the usual.

This new product from CamelBak uses revolutionary frozen air insulation to keep the water cold for longer periods of time. Compared to other sports bottle used by bikers, Podium Chill can keep your water cold for up to four hours more than what they can offer. Hence, you are assured that you will have cold drinks for those long bike rides especially if you want to challenge your body for long trails.

Podium Chill has been developed by CamelBak to have more water volume and free from BPA. In this way, you can…

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CamelBak Mule Lightweight Hydration Pack 2010

camelbak mule lightweight hydration pack 2010   CamelBak Mule Lightweight Hydration Pack 2010

CamelBak hydration systems have become very popular over the years, allowing you to store water and drink it without using your hands. However, they have been known to be “overbuilt,” making them less efficient than they are intended to be. One issue with the CamelBak MULE is its weight. The CamelBak Mule Lightweight Hydration Pack 2010, however, has dropped some of the unnecessary while maintaining its utility uses such as storage, and now actually has comfort. It features a big pocket where you can store pumps and other things, and a smaller pocket for little odds-and-ends such as keys, tools, etc. There’s even a handy cell phone/ipod/glasses holder at the top of the harness. The new-and-improved CamelBak Mule Lightweight Hydration Pack 2010 has shed 200 grams, is a lot more comfortable, and is cheaper than its bulkier counterpart at $130.91.


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Camelbak VeloBak: A Road Bike Jersey with Built-in Hydration

camelbak velobak   Camelbak VeloBak: A Road Bike Jersey with Built in Hydration

New to Camelbak’s wearable hydration collection is the Camelbak VeloBak, the first road bike jersey designed with a cyclist’s need for a convenient hydration system in mind. The Camelbak VeloBak made its debut at this year’s InterBike, where it received positive feedback from roadies and mountain bikers. The jersey is home to a 72 .oz reservoir, located on the backside. It also hosts three pockets and a dual zip front. The VeloBak is best suited for a bike ride lasting two or more hours. Unfortunately, the VeloBak will only come in white (at least for starters anyway), which may not be ideal for ripping up a muddy mountain bike trail. It will be available on the 15th for both men and women and will retail for $130.

Source: Bike World News

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