pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cadence x DVS Milan

cadence x dvs milan 300x147   Cadence x DVS Milan

The Cadence x DVS Milan is the result of a collaboration between the cycling and skateboarding world. The shoe marks a growing wave shoes geared for cycling and street use. Made from waxed canvas, the Cadence x DVS Milan is water-resistant. To hide its lacing and prevent tangling, the shoe features a custom tongue design.

For added comfort, the Cadence x DVS Milan has a mesh underlay and suede overlay that assists its user in obtaining a strong cage grip. As for breathability, the shoe has perforated leather and backing material, so air can easily escape.

The Cadence x DVS Milan is available through pre-order. Shipping will begin by mid June. Colors available are yellow, black and grey. However, the yellow is already sold out. Retail price is $65.00….

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