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2012 Colnago C59 Italia Cycling Jersey

2012 colnago c59 italia cycling jersey   2012 Colnago C59 Italia Cycling Jersey

For riders who are looking for a new cycling jersey, Colnago has released the new C59 Italia. During hot summer rides, this jersey is highly recommended due to its excellent moisture management. Ventilation is optimized by its mesh underarm-side panels.

Combining elegance and simplicity, the C59 Italia features soft and sophisticated colors. Both on the front and on the back of the jersey, there are some nice accents added, as well. In order to keep the jersey secure, there is a silicone gripper on the jersey’s waist area.

Made from high- performance, breathable EVO fabric, the 2012 Colnago C59 Italia Cycling Jersey effectively keeps the rider cool and dry. Moreover, the jersey offers reliable skin protection with a UPF rating of 50+ and an added convenience with its three rear pockets.

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2012 Colnago C59 Italia Racing Bib Shorts

2012 colnago c59 italia racing bib shorts   2012 Colnago C59 Italia Racing Bib Shorts

Coming from Colnago for 2012 are new racing bib shorts called C59 Italia. Made in Italy, these bib shorts are tailored for minimalist elegance and style combined with a neat and classic design as well, as excellent attention to details.

During long-distance rides, maximum comfort is guaranteed by the C59 Italia, thanks to its special Elastic Interface padding that has high-density open cell foam. This padding fits the rider’s body allowing for added protection against friction and vibration.

With its UPF rating of 50+, the 2012 Colnago C59 Italia Racing Bib Shorts are ideal for hot summer rides. Excellent skin protection is given to racers since more than 98% of the sunrays that can cause harmful sunburns are blocked out.

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2012 Colnago C59 Italia Road Bike

2012 colnago c59 italia road bike 2   2012 Colnago C59 Italia	Road Bike

From the 2012 Colnago range is the C59 Italia road bike. As the name implies, the design, construction, and painting of this customized 100% carbon fiber racing machine is all done in Italy. Weighing in at around 1000g, the frame highlights an internally ribbed top tube shaped like the famous Colnago Master frame.

By using specific square section chainstays and seatstays, frame efficiency is made even better. The two available versions are for electronic shifting systems and for traditional mechanical shifting systems. Moreover, the bike is furnished with the most recent Campagnolo Bora Ulta Two ‘ Dark Label’ wheels.

Sporting a new Nero color scheme, the 2012 Colnago C59 Italia Road Bike is guaranteed aesthetically amazing with matt black and gloss black graphics. Backed up by Colnago’s reliable engineering knowledge, the efficient C59 Italia is both light and strong enough to guarantee an incredible ride.

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