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2012 Campagnolo Bullet Carbon Wheels

2012 campagnolo bullet carbon wheels   2012 Campagnolo Bullet Carbon Wheels

Campagnolo has produced one of the leading high-profile carbon wheels for 2012 called Bullet. Not only does it look great in terms of aesthetics. Moreover, the wheels offer excellent performance, practicality, responsiveness, and aerodynamics as well as light weight.

To allow the rider to look for the best wheel that matches their specific requirements, the wheels are available in an extensive range called Bullet Ultra. While the Bullet is available in 50mm and 80mm heights and in one color, the Bullet Ultra offers an extra extreme 105mm height and in two colors.

First-rate in many aspects, the 2012 Campagnolo Bullet Carbon Wheels are considered a standard in its category. Released as an ultra two-way fit version with an aluminum braking track, the Bullet is the first aluminum/carbon wheel intended for tubeless clinchers.

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Bullet Keychain Presta Valve Adapter

bullet keychain presta valve adapter   Bullet Keychain Presta Valve Adapter

This handy little gadget is called the Bullet Keychain Presta Valve Adapter. It is a solid brass Presta valve adapter that enables you to get air in your tires wherever there is an available air pump. One of the best things about it is that it’s a key chain, which would help prevent the valve adapter from getting lost. The Bullet Keychain Presta Valve Adapter costs only 7$, and some of the profits are donated to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund and Dollars for Change. Go to The Bullet Keychain Web site to purchase.

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