pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bryton Rider 50 GPS

bryton rider 50 gps 3   Bryton Rider 50 GPS

While the market for bike-friendly GPS computers might be dominated specifically by another brand of GPS systems, it would be nice to see some changes and some new competition.

This high sensitivity chipset GPS computer, while not a touchscreen GPS, is pretty reliable and dependable when riders hit the road or the mountains.

The Bryton Rider 50 GPS also has a display with a 2.2 color transflective TFT, which works well in different types of climates and weather. On several tests, it seemed capable of withstanding temperatures up to -8 degrees.

For a GPS computer, the Bryton Rider 50 is definitely a light heavyweight, coming in at a whopping 106 grams and is waterproof and water resistant for 30 minutes in a specific depth of 1 meter. The card used and accepted for this great looking device works well with a micro SD card, which also complements the lightweight design for this…

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