pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Civia Bryant Belt Alfine City Bike

2012 civia bryant belt alfine city bike   2012 Civia Bryant Belt Alfine City Bike

Civia Cycles has introduced a new city bike for 2012 called Bryant Belt Alfine. Even when the bike is loaded up with cargos and panniers, its ride quality is still uncompromised, thanks to its geometry that is designed to guarantee a fast and responsive ride.

Since the frame is constructed with Civia’s proprietary split rear dropout, a belt drive or a customary derailleur drivetrain can be accommodated. The bike also features Shimano’s Alfine rear hub and Gates Carbon Drive belt for a maintenance-free performance that is consistent in any riding situations.

Designed to tackle mid to long-distance rides, the 2012 Civia Bryant Belt Alfine City Bike is the ideal high-speed, low-maintenance commuting machine. Since this bike is crafted for amazing speed and efficiency, it is perfect for the daily rider.

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