pinit fg en rect gray 20   Levis Fixed Gear Bike

levis track bike   Levis Fixed Gear Bike

Famed denim jeans creator Levis has teamed up with three different and notable bike makers from Europe to produce this unique and awesome looking bike – the Levis Track Bike.

The fixed gear bike closely follows the denim that made Levis a household name in denim clothing. As mentioned, three bike companies were involved in the creation of this unique and endearing bike. These companies include Belgium-based vintage bike restoration company Unik bike, London’s Brother Cycles most famous for their frames and finally, Fixerati from Brussels that deals with nothing but specialized and rare bike parts.

The production of the bikes also includes other unorthodox and clever processes and techniques to make it what it is right now. Denim stitching was done on the bike particularly on the denim saddle and denim handlebar.

These bikes were given away as part of the European arm of Levis’ “Share and Win” game for…

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