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2012 Brompton P6R Folding Touring Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Brompton P6R Folding Touring Bike

2012 brompton p6r folding touring bike   2012 Brompton P6R Folding Touring Bike

Brompton Bicycle has launched one of the best folding bikes for 2012 called P6R. Featuring an incredible 302% gear range, this folding touring bike is better than most other hub gears. Moreover, this bike takes pride in its less transmission loss.

With a multi-position P bar, the P6R is a six-speed folding bike with design and components.These evenly spaced six speed gears are a blend of an ingeniously designed derailleur system and the very efficient Brompton Wide Ratio Sturmey Archer hub.

Perfect for climbing hilly areas with cargos is the 2012 Brompton P6R Folding Touring Bike, thanks to its front luggage system and its rear rack. Its P bar also offers different riding positions so the rider can stay comfortable during long-distance rides.


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Brompton “A” Messenger Bag

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Brompton A Messenger Bag

brompton a messenger bag   Brompton A Messenger Bag

At Interbike 2009, Brompton displayed one of their new bags, the Brompton “A” Messenger Bag. The “A” stands for Attache, and its made from leather in a nice, briefcase-looking style. The Brompton “A” Messenger Bag features internal dividers to help keep your things in order. The outside of the bag is nice looking, smooth brown leather, and the inside sports a nice blue coloring. The bag also comes with a nice leather carrying strap, with matching colors. Its made in Spain, and should be available come January.

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Brompton “A” Messenger Bag

Brompton “A” Messenger Bag…

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