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2012 Brodie Crib 29er Mountain Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Brodie Crib 29er Mountain Bike

2012 brodie crib 29er mountain bike   2012 Brodie Crib 29er Mountain Bike

Two new 29er mountain bikes with a shaped, butted 7005 aluminum frame were unveiled by Brodie Bikes for 2012. One of these two big-wheel bikes called Crib is designed with riders on a budget in mind. Nevertheless, its topnotch quality is not compromised.

In order to offer the performance required by 29er riders, the design and make of the Crib are focused on short chainstays, fork offset, and an adjusted fork trail. As a major factor in its design, the short chain stays allow for a chunky tire riding style that is both responsive and aggressive.

Though affordable, the 2012 Brodie Crib 29er Mountain Bike is loaded with outstanding features that set it apart from common 29ers. With a combination of high quality, low price, and reliable performance, the Crib is a must-have machine for 29er riders.

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2012 Brodie Khan 29er Mountain Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Brodie Khan 29er Mountain Bike

2012 brodie khan 29er mountain bike   2012 Brodie Khan 29er Mountain Bike

After noticing that various 29ers were either too fixed or too jittery, Brodie Bikes introduces two innovative machines for 2012, one of which is the Khan. This is a carefully designed 29er mountain bike, which is dialed in to three major aspects, which are short 437mm chain stays, adjusted fork trail, and an 51mm fork offset.

Brodie Bikes spent two years for the research and development of the Khan to steer clear of suspension and frame limitations, which are common among 29ers. Its Hayes Stroker Trail hydraulic brakes offer steady, powerful, neat, and silent braking by using fluid to move the brake pads instead of cables pulling on levers.

Spanking new, the 2012 Brodie Khan 29er Mountain Bike comes with fresh new graphics. Included in its unique and ground-breaking features are 100mm Manitou Tower, Shimano SLX drivetrain, and a 70-degree head tube angle, making the Khan perfect for those who…

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2011 Brodie Gearbox DH

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Brodie Gearbox DH

2011 brodie gearbox dh   2011 Brodie Gearbox DH

Released by Brodie Bikes for 2011 is the prototype gearbox DH bike that is based around the SR Suntour V-Boxx. The prototype Downhill SR Suntour Internal Gear V-Boxx will be tested in partnership with Whistler Mountain Bike.

Chris of Whistler Mountain Bike will be riding the green machine throughout the Spring in the Whistler Bike Park. The Gearbox bikes are especially designed to get rid of the troubles that are commonly related with a derailleur based system.

A considerable amount of weight is added to the 2011 Brodie Gearbox DH. On the other hand, the mass is focused on the center of the bike and down low, which results to an extremely firm and balanced feel. The exquisite paint job is by Qualitek Collision of Vancouver.

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