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2011 Brodie Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Brodie Bikes

2011 brodie bikes 1 271x300   2011 Brodie BikesBrodie Bikes celebrates its 25th year in the bike industry and for 2011, the new series are called Transcanada, Lightning, Journey, Hardasss, Speed, Rat and Express. Brodie Bikes releases a comment on the new product range, “A quarter of a century has flown by at Brodie & we have seen many aspects of our business evolve. From humble roots of Paul meticulously hand building every custom frame 25 years ago, to today where Paul teaches his art of hand building to a new crop of students anxious to build their own ride.”

The Lightning series are focused on EC hardtails. There are 7 models to choose from in this line. Formed to be lighter, it has clean and refined lines.

The Hardass Series showcases the all-mountain bikes. There are four models to choose from the line with saddle trim colors and matching pedals.

The Rat Series is aimed for dirt jump/urban/pump track…

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2011 Brodie Romax Cyclocross Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Brodie Romax Cyclocross Bike

brodie romax cyclocross bike 226x300   2011 Brodie Romax Cyclocross BikeFor 2011 Brodie Bikes comes out with its cyclocross bike called the Romax. It weighs 20.05 lbs and has a tag price of $1599 in retail. It features an aluminum fork and Vittoria CX tires. It is spec’d with 105 Shifters, rear and front derailleurs and a 7005 aluminum frame. It has a TT/DT shaping. As for geometry, it has a squarish frame to make shouldering the bike easier.

The Brodie Romax sports KORE rims and hubs. It also has Kore rings, crank, stem and bar. It has Kore cantis but can be used on disc brakes. It also has a 6-bolt OR centerlock with white spokes.

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