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Brev.M Classic Saddles

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Brev.M Classic Saddles

brev m classic saddles   Brev.M Classic Saddles

Go back in time with Brev.M Classic Saddles. It sports a sleek retro look. The Classic Saddles comes with synthetic leather covers on 7mm steel rails.

The Chromoly feature was built to last. The saddle is comfortable and breezy with several options on the synthetic cover. You can choose between smooth/embossed or the perforated/dimpled. Whatever you choose, its designs and padding guarantees a smooth ride atop the Brev.M Classic Saddles.

The Brev.M Classic Saddles comes in colors of black, white and brown. It retails for $25 and weighs 334g.

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Brev.M Bombardiere Fork

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Brev.M Bombardiere Fork

brev m bombardiere fork   Brev.M Bombardiere Fork

Brev.M launches the new Bombardiere Fork, which could look like a regular fork, but is thicker and stronger. Made for freestyle and fixed gear trick riding.

The Brev.M Bombardiere Fork has a short offset for barspins, dropouts designed for pegs and grinding, and enough clearance for larger tires for impact landings. Adding triple butted chromo tubing, this keeps the forks light but still strong. The forks are finished with black ED.

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Brev.M Bullo Pedal

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Brev.M Bullo Pedal

brev m bullo pedal   Brev.M Bullo Pedal

The flat pedal you will usually see on a BMX bike, has been adopted by fixed freestyle culture, this helps to center your foot. Brev.M has launched their new fixed freestyle pedal called Bullo, much like BMX, except the Bullo has slots for you to slide a Velcro strap to keep your foot in place.

The Brev.M Bullo Pedal uses a resin plastic body, while the traction will keep your feet intact, and will not tear up your shins (if slippage occurs). Available in 9/16″ steel pedal spindle and loose ball bearing. Color options are white, black, and glow in the dark. Releasing Fall 2010.

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Brev.M Prototype Pedals

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Brev.M Prototype Pedals

brevm prototype pedals   Brev.M Prototype Pedals

Brev.M has been working on some pedals, and now they unveiled the prototype version, although not finished they are close. The Brev.M Prototype Pedals are the same dimensions as the MKS pedal, but thinner and lighter, while each pedal weighs 3.6 ounces, and they are sealed. CNC machined, the Brev.M Pedals are extruded, plus the staff has been riding with them to make sure they hold up. Final version is coming soon, along with retail price and release date.

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