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2012 Breezer Greenway DX Trekking Hybrid Bike

2012 breezer greenway dx trekking hybrid bike   2012 Breezer Greenway DX Trekking Hybrid Bike
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One of the latest hybrid bikes on the market today is the Greenway DX, which has been launched by Breezer Bikes for 2012. Aside from being lively and lightweight, this trekking hybrid bike guarantees high quality that can last for years.

Built from a custom hydroformed aluminum frame and a 24-speed SRAM drivetrain, the Greenway DX is perfect not only for urban rides but for country riders, as well. buy viagra overnight delivery This hybrid bike is made to bring riders anywhere.

With the ingenuity of Joe Breeze, the steel frame of the 2012 Breezer Greenway DX Trekking Hybrid Bike is designed for outstanding performance. This frame has mounting points to allow easy installation for future upgrades.

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2012 Breezer Lightning 29 Pro Complete Bike

2012 breezer lightning 29 pro complete bike   2012 Breezer Lightning 29 Pro Complete Bike

For riders who are looking for a 29er pro complete bike, one of the latest machines for 2012 is the Breezer Lightning. Custom-butted and custom-machined, its Breezer D’Fusion frame is hydroformed, heat-treated and integrated HT and BB92 PF BB.

Included in the details of the bike are Breezer drop outs, D-Fusion tubing spec, and chain stay mounted disc brakes. The Breezer Lightning 29 takes pride in its first-class features, such as a 100mm RockShox Recon Gold TK fork, 31.8mm Oval M600 aluminum seat post and WTB Bronson 29×2.2 tires and wheels.

To offer a more enjoyable riding experience, the 2012 Breezer Lightning 29 Pro Complete Bike updated its Legendary steel, which is a real hardtail, to the 29er format. It is available in three colors, which are carbon, silver, and white.

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2011 Breezer Greenway Hybrid Bike

2011 breezer greenway hybrid bike   2011 Breezer Greenway Hybrid Bike

Excellent for city and country rides is the 2011 Breezer Greenway Hybrid Bike. Whether it is rainy or sunny, the Greenway Hybrid Bike can be used as a speedy and suitable machine for either commuting or touring.

Ultimate hybrid bikes like the this hybrid bike feature a relaxed geometry with the comfort of a mountain bike position. With rugged tires, this Breezer takes on hard-packed trails and bumpy city roads alike.

Riders will keep rolling at a good pace with 700c wheels. Being impressively lightweight, the Breezer Greenway is a reliable bike for daily transportation and a leisurely ride. Hills and flats are well taken, thanks to its 21 Speed Shimano drive-train and easy to use grip shifters.

It easy to get on and off the this bike because of its step-through frame. Suitable for both women and men, the 2011 Breezer Greenway Hybrid Bike is one of the most…

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2011 Breezer Greenway DX Commuter

2011 breezer greenway dx commuter   2011 Breezer Greenway DX Commuter

Joe Breeze, one of the founding fathers of mountain biking had a chance to sit down with us and go over the 2011 line. Mr. Breeze was excited to share the 2011 Breezer Greenway DX commuter.

The Breezer 2011 Greenway DX uses the same frame as the Liberty, which is designed by Joe Breeze. A key point on the 2011 Breezer Greenway series is that there’s a bike for everyone’s budget within the line.

With the 2011 Greenway DX, you can shift through 24 speeds, which is assisted by SRAM Via shifters, crankset and derailleurs. Overall, the setup of the bike allows you to place after market fenders, carriers, and various lighting systems.

Available soon to Breezer Bike dealers, the 2011 Breezer Greenway DX Commuter comes in a mineral brown/black color scheme.

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Breezer 2011 Cloud 9 Carbon Fiber 29er Mountain Bike

breezer 2011 cloud 9 carbon fiber 29er mountain bike   Breezer 2011 Cloud 9 Carbon Fiber 29er Mountain Bike

We talked about the 2011 Breezer Cloud 9 29er, but now an official image has released to the press. Originally releasing in 1993, the Cloud 9 took a break for awhile, and 2011 will resurrect the mountain bike. Also releasing alongside is the Jetstream 29er.

The 2011 Breezer Cloud 9 29er uses high modulus carbon fiber, and is tailored to cross country racers and those competing in marathons. Three different packages of the 2011 Cloud 9 will release, a frameset (msrp $1,799), Pro (msrp $2,999), and a Limited Edition (msrp $5,899).

Made for impact, the 2011 Cloud 9 uses Breezer D’Fusion carbon shaping, this allows stress and impact throughout the whole frame, rather than in one location (and could resort to cracking). The brake is placed on the chainstay, and is said to reduce brake squeal and adds 1.3 times the torsional rigidity plus the…

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Lightning and Thunder Breezer Bikes Now Available

lightning and thunder breezer bikes 1 300x210   Lightning and Thunder Breezer Bikes Now Available

Joe Breeze, pioneer mountain bike designer, trained his engineering abilities in building up the commuter bike market in the U.S. more than a decade ago when he made his last Breezer off-road model in 1998. Breeze is now back with the Breezer Lightning and Thunder models.

Breeze dubs both the Lightning and Thunder as “the lightest bikes on the market for their strength.” He introduces the three hard-tail modes of the Thunder series, namely the Thunder Elite, the new top-of- the-line Breezer race bike and the Lightning Team, for the bike aficionados of steel.

In the 90’s, the first Breezer D’fusion tubes were deployed. Now it’s currently the highlighted feature in the Thunder and Lightning frames. The D’fusion tubes are the D-shaped cross sections that disperse stress at key points in the frame. In addition, the curved down tubes give the much needed clearance for the strong, sturdy, light and resilient long-travel…

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Toyota x Breezer Folding Bike

toyota breezer folding bike   Toyota x Breezer Folding Bike

An interesting collaboration has emerged from Toyota and Breezer, with the outcome being a Folding Bike. Known as the X Frame, the Toyota x Breezer Folding Bike was on display at Toyota dealerships in Taiwan. Weighing in at 34 pounds, some features are the 6 speed Shimano Revoshift shifters, and Kenda Kwest tires. Although said to cost around $450 USD, some sites are selling for $220 USD.

Source: Cyclelicio

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