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2011 Breezer Uptown Infinity Bike

2011 breezer uptown infinity bike   2011 Breezer Uptown Infinity Bike

For 2011, Breezer launches its top of the line town bike, the Uptown Infinity. Designed for the uptown commuter, it uses the NuVinci transmission hub, located inside the rear hub to make it maintenance free. The Uptown Infinity has a full chain case to make sure you have clean trouser legs and to keep maintenance at a minimum.

The bike also features an intuitive dial based on your pedal exertion to make it gearless in a way. Shifting gears from highest to lowest ratios of 36 percent range is easy with a twist of your wrist. It also has dynamo lights from Busch & Muller.

The 2011 Breezer Uptown Infinity Bike comes with full fenders, a kickstand and a bell for $1269.

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Breezer Bikes 2011 29er Mountain Bikes

breezer bikes 2011 29er mountain bikes   Breezer Bikes 2011 29er Mountain Bikes

Rumors spread sometime back that Breezer Bikes would release a 29er mountain bike in 2011. Two models would release, the Jet Stream, an aluminum MTB that comes in two different levels (Comp and Sport), and the Cloud 9 which is made of carbon fiber and also comes in two levels (Pro and Limited).

Stated by Breezer, the new 2011 29er mountain bikes are exceptional climbers. The company has shortened the chain stays to address the Achilles heel, giving the Jet and Cloud 9 a overall faster ride. Release date and retail prices will come soon.

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