pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Felt Breed Cyclocross Bike

2012 felt breed cyclocross bike   2012 Felt Breed Cyclocross Bike

Included in the big family of the 2012 cyclocross range from Felt Bicycles is the slightly revamped singlespeed Breed. While the Breed will have similar upgrades as the rest of the alloy frames, it features rear-entry horizontal dropouts.

Its trick rear thru-axle rear hub only requires, for installation and removal, a single 15mm wrench and a nice BEERNuts tool, which connects to the water bottle bolts. Featured by the drivetrain are a SRAM singlespeed BB30 crank and the thru-axle rear cassette/hub from Felt.

Definitely a new exciting machine, the 2012 Felt Breed Cyclocross Bike is another must-have for cyclocross buffs. Its frame is a Felt 7000 Series aluminum that comes with a full carbon fork. Also, its tapered head tube apparently comes with a 1.5″ lower bearing.

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