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2012 SRAM XX and XXWC Hydraulic Disc Brakes

2012 sram xx and xxwc hydraulic disc brakes   2012 SRAM XX and XXWC Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Newly released by SRAM for 2012 are two hydraulic disc brakes, which are the XX and the XXWC. With a lower profile, the XX levers feature Pad Contact Adjust bezel and are tooled reach adjust instead of the knob from Elixir. Without losing its cross country racing heritage, the XX is designed to tackle trail riding.

While the XX comes complete with internal overhaul, including a new forged aluminum caliper and TaperBore system, the XXWC reduced weight by getting rid of the Pad Contact Adjust. Other new features of the XXWC are the much smoother master cylinder body tapered toward the lever pivot.

Redesigned based on Elixir 7 and 9, the 2012 SRAM XX and XXWC Hydraulic Disc Brakes feature a magnesium lever body. For better bleed performance, both the two brake sets are equipped with high-quality specs, such as the adjusted bleed port location and air trap.

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Shimano 2012 SLX Brakes

shimano 2012 slx brakes   Shimano 2012 SLX Brakes

2012 will be a big year for the average rider thanks to the upcoming release of the next generation of brakes from Shimano, the Shimano 2012 SLX Brakes, which now comes equipped with a 30 speed drivetrain.

The retooled brakes will definitely make MTB riders happy because of all the unique quirks and features rolled into the 2012 model. This includes cooling fins supported by a radiator for the brake pads, one new cool feature for the SLX series.

The SLX also gets to emulate another set of brakes in the form of the Shimano XTR thanks to the addition of an inline orientation for the master cylinder, which made the Shimano XTR brake series so outstanding.

The 2012 version of the Shimano brakes will also follow the one-way bleeding system to make it completely efficient and gives an extra stopping power for its user. …

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Bontrager Speed Limit Brakes

bontrager speed limit brakes   Bontrager Speed Limit Brakes

There are factors that affect the braking performance of a brake set. These factors include the material of the rim, composition, wet or dry conditions, rider weight and hand strength. This model is one of the lightest and best performing brakes at a price of $199.99. The lightweight forged aluminum alloy material of this brakeset makes it weigh 270 grams only. A single-pivot Bontrager Speed Limit brake performs better than most dual-pivot designs. These brakes are ideal for triathlon or road use.

This model is designed to offer less weight and more stopping power. Through an innovative deemed PowerAmp™ linkage design, Bontrager Speed Limit brakes have the leverage ratio of a dual-pivot brake. At the same time, it uses a single-pivot design to make it efficiently lightweight. Its wide cross-section arms provide maximum stiffness and power for an optimized and responsive brake feel. For an upgraded performance, Bontrager Speed Limit…

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Magura MT8 Hydraulic Disc Brakes – Carbotecture

magura mt8 hydraulic disc brakes carbotecture   Magura MT8 Hydraulic Disc Brakes   Carbotecture

A new treat has leaked from Magura, its MT8 Hydraulic Disc brake system.

Magura has stated that the MT8 Hydraulic disc brakes are its lightest brakes to date. Development for this project took two years.

You might ask, “how did Magura make a light hydraulic disc braking system?” Magura used carbon fibers embedded in a thermoplastic matrix, known as Carbotecture. In the final step, Magura injects the materials using a Carbolay process.

The launch date for the Magura MT8 Hydraulic Disc Brakes is Spring 2011.

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EEBrake Set

eebrake set   EEBrake Set

eeBrakes under the brand eeCyle Works takes the original and builds on for a improved brake. First, the EEBrake Set geometry has changed to fit wider rims, while the leverage received a fine tuning for power and consistency. EECycle made sure the EEBrake set will work with all levers on the market, including Shimano products. Lastly, the cable adjustment features a redesign for overall better cable alignment. Retail price ranges from $569 to $609 depending on the finish and pads you choose.

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The Hive REVL Carbon Dual Pivot Road Brakes

the hive revl carbon dual pivot road brakes   The Hive REVL Carbon Dual Pivot Road Brakes

Making their initial debut at Interbike, The Hive brings us a REVL Carbon Dual Pivot Road Brakes, that are light weight and still brings performance. The Hive REVL Carbon Dual Pivot Road Brakes uses simple centering, equal braking force, and can save up to 60 grams on your bike. The arms are made of carbon fiber, with the studs are titanium, brake pads are swissstop ghp, and comes in gloss carbon with light blue hints. Available November 15th 2010.

Source: Bike Rumor

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Bontrager Speed Limit XXX Brakes

bontrager speed limit xxx brakes   Bontrager Speed Limit XXX Brakes

Bontrager’s Speed Limit XXX Brakes will let you stop on a dime with their innovative technology. They are made with lightweight high compression molded carbon, weighing only 220 grams. They also feature PowerAmp linkage, which gives dual-pivot stopping power to a single-pivot design. The Bontrager Speed Limit XXX Brakes are extra responsive with a wide cross-section carbon fiber arm, providing extra stiffness and power as well. To keep weight down even more, the brakes have CNC machined pad holders. Stop by the Trek online store to purchase the Bontrager Speed Limit XXX Brakes for $429.99….

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