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FSA 386 Evo Bottom Brackets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   FSA 386 Evo Bottom Brackets

fsa 386 evo bottom brackets   FSA 386 Evo Bottom Brackets

The future of high end frames and drivetrain component designs are being ushered in by FSA with the help of the new FSA 386 Evo bottom brackets.

What’s great about the new BB 386 EVO system is that it works well with the majority of the current bottom bracket standards, including the standard 68mm wide BBs for road bikes as well as a BB30 or a PF30 bottom bracket or even as a Bright system or a BB86.

As for the 386 EVo, this system is press fit and will sport an 86.5mm bottom bracket shell width, making the frame’s width wider and makes the axle as long as the external system with a total diameter of 30mm, similar to that of the BB30 system.

It is also because of this 30mm axle diameter that the bottom bracket system gets a higher stiffness-to-weight ratio. For increased stiffness and stability, the EVO’s bearings…

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2011 SRAM GXP BlackBox Ceramic Bottom Bracket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 SRAM GXP BlackBox Ceramic Bottom Bracket

2011 sram gxp blackbox ceramic bottom bracket   2011 SRAM GXP BlackBox Ceramic Bottom Bracket

SRAM is pulling out all the stops with a new addition to their ever expanding list of parts. Their latest creation, the 2011 SRAM Red GXP Blackbox Ceramic Bottom Bracket.

While similar in design and look with that of the SRAM Force series bottom brackets, the GXP Blackbox uses ceramic balls made out of silicon nitride within the sealed cartridge bearings, putting quality over quantity. And it is because of the materials used in the bottom brackets that helps in reducing the drag that a bottom bracket experiences when the crank arm spindle passes through it.

Being fabricated by SRAM these bottom brackets will work well with any type of SRAM crank sets. The GPX in particular is equipped with alloy cups, which are anodized in Red and are available in two different kinds of threading, one in a 68 mm English threading and another in Italian with a…

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