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Matt Fitzgerald Racing Weight Quick Start Guide Book

matt fitzgerald racing weight quick start guide book   Matt Fitzgerald Racing Weight Quick Start Guide Book

Matt Fritzgerald, author of the Racing Weight Quick Start Guide, is a certified sports nutritionist licensed by the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Some of his recent and most popular books would include RUN: the Mind Body Method of Running by Feel, Brain Training for Runners, The Runner’s Diary, and Racing Weight. His contributions to several fitness publications such as Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Runner’s World, Outside, Bicycling, Women’s Running, and so much more have been well recognized.

With a New Year and new time to start making things better for athletes, Matt Fritzgerald has something new to offer.  According to Boulder, CO, USA; three out of four endurance athletes are extremely concerned with their respective weights. Now cyclists, runners and triathletes won’t have to worry because the Racing Weight Quick Start Guide by Matt Fritzgerald is here.

Racing Weight Quick Start Guide is a detailed book that covers all principles…

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Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance

zinn and the art of mountain bike maintenance   Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance

Now on its fifth edition, the book “Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance” offers more tips on how to fix your bike and keep it in tip-top shape. The book covers what tools to bring when you’re out riding and continues to be a reliable manual on how to repair common mountain bike failures and incidents. Author Lennard Zinn will have a book signing event on December 7, 2010 5:30pm to 7pm at Boulder Cycle Sport – South, 629 S. Broadway, Ste K, Boulder, Colorado.

The book continues to empower the average mountain biker who wants to save money and to learn how to take care of his or her ride. The instructions are illustrated and easy to follow. Some procedures include how to install a bottom bracket, change a bottom bracket, build wheels, change a flat tire and more.

Retail price is $16.47 for a paperback copy….

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Boy Racer Book by Mark Cavendish

boy racer book by cavendish 195x300   Boy Racer Book by Mark Cavendish

Mark Cavendish has dropped a refreshing read that tells his story about the world of cycling. Boy Racer: My Journey to Tour de France Record-Breaker is a book that brings to light the many facets of the sport. Cavendish did not hold back, sharing his sprint victories in detail.

In his Boy Racer, Cavendish sheds some light on the reality of being a professional racer. The book also reveals the struggles Cavendish went through and how he turned it all around to become one of the world’s top sprinters. Brutally frank and candid, Boy Racer documents how Cavendish used doubts and skepticism over his ability to fuel his drive to win in each competition.

Labeled fat and useless, the book captures how the young teen from Isle of Man took the world of cycling by storm. Cavendish has earned the respect of many and captured the heart of all his admirers…

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Joe Parkins Come & Gone Book

Joe Parkins Come Gone 200x300   Joe Parkins Come & Gone BookJoe Parkin releases a sequel to his book “A Dog in a Hat”. Titled “Come & Gone”, the book is about Parkin’s journey back to America and how he struggled to get by in the cycling scene.

The book features the life of an average cyclist who had his share of good rides out of a thousand races. It also documents the times when he had to look for sponsors and financial assistance each year, just so he can pursue his love for cycling.

“Come & Gone” lets you peek into the world of competitive cycling in the 90’s. Although the majority of the races Parkin mentioned in his book are no longer around. He also mentioned who the top cyclists in the 90’s were, his teammates and even his rivals.

Parkin successfully illustrated the true feelings of every cyclist before, during and after a race. A must-read after Parkin’s “A…

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Fixed – Book on Fixed Gear Bicycling Culture

fixed book on fixed gear bicycling culture   Fixed   Book on Fixed Gear Bicycling Culture

It’s no secret that fixed gear bicycles have been popping up everywhere nowadays, and with that is coming a trend in styles and culture. Two members of the Rollapaluza crew have created FIXED, which is a “high quality photo-driven book about the fixed wheel bicycle, unlike other fixed culture publications and blogs it has a lot on the history of the bicycle and racing as well as the modern trend of fixed wheel riding.” FIXED is available on Amazon for $16.47….

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