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Bontrager RL Thermal Sock

bontrager rl thermal sock   Bontrager RL Thermal Sock

Don’t get cold feet cycling this winter. Seriously. Its cold and wet out there. Get yourself some Bontrager RL Thermal Socks and protect your feet while you face the cold. They are made with polypropylene fabric with mesh on the upper foot, which wicks away moisture and keeps your feet dry. The Achilles tendon is a very sensitive an important part of the foot, and the Bontrager RL Thermal Socks gives them extra cushioning with CoolMax performance fabric. The Bontrager RL Thermal Socks retail for $18.99, and you can buy them at the Trek online store….

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Bontrager Sport Saddle

bontrager sport saddle 1   Bontrager Sport Saddle

A comfortable saddle is of utmost importance while cycling, for obvious reasons. It is hard to stay motivated on long rides when you’re uncomfortable. The Bontrager Sport Saddle provides comfort by using Honeycomb gel technology combined with foam layering. It also has a wider seating area to allow for more weight dispersion. The Bontrager Sport Saddle also has an unconditional comfort guarantee. It retails for $39.99, head over to the Trek online store to purchase….

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Bontrager Node 2 Digital Wireless Computer

bontrager node 2 digital computer   Bontrager Node 2 Digital Wireless Computer

If you’re on a strict training regimen, or you just like to know the details of your training, it might be necessary to have a cycling computer on board. The Bontrager Node 2 Digital Wireless Computer gives you features such as an altimeter, and it also gives you percent grad functions. The computer also has an auto-start feature, 20 minute time-out sensors, and a settable interval timer. Its easy to read too, with a large digital display. The Bontrager Node 2 Digital Wireless Computer costs $149.99 and it can be purchased at the Trek online store….

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Bontrager Wheels 2010 Alternating Spokes

bontrager wheels 2010 alternating spokes   Bontrager Wheels 2010 Alternating Spokes

For 2010, Bontrager wheels will contain alternating spoke location, while each spoke hole will contain the classic feel due to equal spacing. As well, the Bontrager wheels for 2010 are wider and stiffer, so the result is a all around solid wheel. Lastly, the rims are lower in weight, and the affected models are Race X Lite, Race Lite, Race, Race XXX Lite, SSR Road Disc, and Classics.

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Bontrager Sport Commuter Rainshell

bontrager sport commuter rainshell   Bontrager Sport Commuter Rainshell

The rainy season is pretty much here, but that doesn’t mean the training should stop. All you need is some gear that’s specially made to keep you dry and warm, like the Bontrager Sport Commuter Rainshell. Its semi-fitted, so it fits relaxed. It also features a nylon shell, which is waterproof but also breathable. It has a mesh liner and “pit zips” for extra ventilation. You can also be sure to be seen at night, as the Bontrager Sport Commuter Rainshell has 360 degree reflectivity. The Bontrager Sport Commuter Rainshell retails for $124.99 – $134.99, depending on size. Its featured here in visibility yellow, but you can also get it in blue or black. Stop by the Trek online store to purchase….

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Bontrager RXL Road Shoes

bontrager rxl road shoes   Bontrager RXL Road Shoes

When you’re looking for cycling shoes, you’re looking for something durable, lightweight, and comfortable, like the Bontrager RXL Road Shoes. They are made with high-end carbon, with a gold-level unidirectional carbon sole. The Bontrager RXL Road Shoes feature an external molded heel cup to provide ventilation and prevent heel slip. They also feature a 3-hole “Look Style” cleat attachment, and an additional Keo memory slot. Putting the Bontrager RXL Road Shoes is very easy with the buckle and 2 straps fastening system. A molded EVA pad on the top strap helps relieve pressure on the mid foot. The Bontrager RXL Road Shoes retail for $229.99, and you can purchase them at the Trek online store….

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Bontrager Select Saddle

bontrager select saddle   Bontrager Select Saddle

Your saddle can be the most important component of your bike while you’re riding. If you don’t have a comfortable one, you probably won’t be riding for very long. The Bontrager Select Saddle is one of the comfortable ones, with Bontrager padding providing softness and comfort. It is also lightweight, with hollow steel rails. The Bontrager Select Saddle retails for $49.99, and you can buy it at the Trek online store….

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