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2012 SE Hoodrich BMX Bike

2012 se hoodrich bmx bike   2012 SE Hoodrich BMX Bike

Unlike what its name suggests, the new BMX bike from SE Bikes called Hoodrich comes at an inexpensive price. Weighing in at 11.13kg, this bike comes complete with an extensive list of state-of-the-art components that offer what most riders are looking for in a BMX machine.

First off, the Hoodrich features a double-butted main frame, mid bottom bracket, cable guides, brake mounts, integrated head tube, and integrated seat clamp. Trails, street, and park are tackled by the bike’s big bars, Big Daddy Jack Hammer grips, and Odyssey pedals.

Though affordable, the 2012 SE Hoodrich BMX Bike guarantees a pro-level ride. The bike looks exquisite with its Red Ash colored frame, fork, bars, and cranks. Manualing becomes easier, thanks to its 13.75in in the center of the rear end, along with its 21in top tube and 74.5 head tube angle.

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2012 SE Everyday BMX Bike

2012 se everyday bmx bike   2012 SE Everyday BMX Bike

SE Bikes has released one of the newest BMX bikes for 2012 called Everyday. Included in the the major features of this BMX bike are mid-bottom bracket, 25-9 gearing, and an integrated headset. Moreover, its affordable price makes it the everyday bike for almost everyone.

The designs of the frame of the Everyday are similar to that of the Hoodrich, which is also from SE Bikes. However, the Everyday has a 20.5in top tube and utilizes Hi-Ten tubing in place of a Cr-Mo frame, fork, and bars. The whole bike weighs in at 11.52kg.

As the name implies, the 2012 SE Everyday BMX Bike is the machine that can be used daily without easily getting worn out. With simple aesthetics, the bike offers great riding performance. Also featured by its durable frame are brake mounts, cable guides, and removable rotor tabs.

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2012 SE 26” OM Flyer BMX Bike

2012 se 26” om flyer bmx bike   2012 SE 26” OM Flyer BMX Bike

For 2012, SE Bikes has completely chromed out the 26” BMX bike named OM Flyer. Aside from its unique style, this popular BMX bike takes pride in its well-known tubing and geometry, distinct SE hubs, and A’ME Cam grips. Its X-Pedo low profile platform pedals come with removable pins.

Featured by the OM Flyer frame are Retro dropouts, Looptail rear end, and 100% Cr-Mo tubing. Not only is this BMX bike entirely designed with a spanking new glossy finish, the bike include a 100% Cr-Mo Landing Gear fork and Bubble Mohawk hubs.

Aside from being one of the few chrome bikes out there, the 2012 SE 26” OM Flyer BMX Bike is also one of the most coveted machines on the BMX market today. Included in the list of impressive specs of this 13.18kg BMX bike are KMC Z33, Tektro brakes, and alloy valve caps.

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2012 SE Heavy Hitter BMX Bike

2012 se heavy hitter bmx bike   2012 SE Heavy Hitter BMX Bike

Designed for riders who are looking for a versatile high-end BMX machine, the Heavy Hitter is an excellent BMX bike released by SE Bikes for 2012. Weighing in at 10.9kg, the Heavy Hitter is a lightweight BMX bike equipped with a lot of high-end components.

With its double-butted mainframe, the frame features removable brake mounts, 100% chromo seamless tubing, and an externally machined and heat-treated bottom bracket. The head tube and dropouts are heat-treated, as well. Other features include a CNC lightweight stem and a 75 degree head tube angle.

Right from the box, the matte gray 2012 SE Heavy Hitter BMX Bike is indeed a genuine high-end all-rounder, thanks to its high- end new tapered forks, 48-spline cranks, female front hub, sealed hubs, Tioga tires, and Odyssey pedals.

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2012 SE PK Ripper XLP Team BMX Bike

2012 se pk ripper xlp team bmx bike   2012 SE PK Ripper XLP Team BMX Bike

In the new range released by SE Bikes for 2012, the BMX bike called PK Ripper XLP Team is a top of the line model. Equipped with several components that are carefully selected, this bike is a reliable and good-looking high zoot racer.

Along with the 6066 aluminum frame of the PK Ripper XLP Team is a 100% Cr-Mo tapered Landing Gear fork, which features an internally threaded steerer tube. The frame consists of lightweight parts from its seat/post to its alloy Truvativ cranks and wheels as well as other high-end components.

Weighing in at only 9.4kg, the 2012 SE PK Ripper XLP Team BMX Bike is one of the most lightweight BMX racing bicycles on the market today. Also incredibly lightweight is the Tioga D-Spyder Pivotal seat of the bike, which helps make the ride comfortable.

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2012 Specialized P.20 BMX Bike

2012 specialized p 20 bmx bike   2012 Specialized P.20 BMX Bike

For 2012, Specialized has created a new bike called P.20 for BMX lovers. Along with the lightweight butted Reynolds 520 chromo frame, fork and components of the bike are double-wall 36-hole alloy 20in rims, making the P.20 a responsive and quick BMX machine.

Also featured by the frame are press-in MID BB, integrated headset, 21in top tube, and removable brake bosses/guides with dialed geometry for dirt, park, or street. Also, the butted and tapered fork and the plastic platform pedals are both lightweight but strong.

Riding dirt, park, or street is tackled very well by the 2012 Specialized P.20 BMX Bike. Thanks to the rounded profile, low rolling resistance, and dual compound traction of the Specialized Compound Street tires and the leverage and control enhanced by the large 8.25in x 29in chromo handlebars.

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2012 Stereo Bikes Speaker BMX Bike

2012 stereo bikes speaker bmx bike   2012 Stereo Bikes Speaker BMX Bike

Included to the line of bicycles that was released by Stereo Bikes for 2012 is an excellent BMX bike for beginners called Speaker. This new 10.7 Kg bike is loaded with beginner-friendly features, such as BMX Hi-Ten frame and tapered forks, shorter top tube, 50mm reach, and an integrated Campy headset.

Like all the products released by Stereo Bikes for 2012, the Speaker has an extensive list of impressive specs. Combined with the beginner-friendly specs are the essential bearings like the bottom bracket or headset, which are sealed bearings, as well as Stereo Wolf front loader stem and Audio BMX Grips.

For riders who want to easily and efficiently enter the BMX field, the 2012 Stereo Bikes Speaker BMX Bike is the ideal machine. Although it is guaranteed to be easy-to-use, this beginner BMX bike still offers excellent performance, reliable function, and nice looks in grey/red and black colors.

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