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2012 Almond Riviera BMX Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Almond Riviera BMX Shoes

2012 almond riviera bmx shoes   2012 Almond Riviera BMX Shoes

New from Almond Footwear is a pair of cycling shoes named Riviera, which has been designed especially for BMX riders. First off, a vulc style cup sole construction makes the shoes flexible, lightweight, and comfortable. It will be available in two versions, which are black and red.

With its goal to create an outstandingly durable deck shoe, Almond Footwear has ingeniously designed the Riviera with a durable upper, which is synth suede leather for the black version and oxblood suede leather for the red version.

Tackling the severity of BMX riding can be done with maximum comfort, thanks to the 2012 Almond Riviera BMX Shoes. In order to avoid heel bruises when riding and absorb various impacts, the shoes have bed cushions that also offer optimal comfort to BMX riders.


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Calar Mid BMX Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Calar Mid BMX Shoes

calar mid bmx shoes 300x156   Calar Mid BMX Shoes

Wethepeople, German BMX innovators, famous for its quality products, merged resources and creative ideas with Vans to produce a BMX shoe that could perform on the bike, but at the same time, fashionable enough to be worn all day. Just in time as the summer season is about to set in, Vans is happy to release the Calar Mid, a special shoe for all BMX riders and fans.

The Calar Mid, is sleek with a slim mid-top, which highlights better comfort and ankle support using the innovative idea of a die-cut EVA mid-sole. The outer sole applies to the ever popular sticky gum rubber of Vans, known for its effective pedal grip with three molded channels on the forefoot for better flexibility while off the road.

Vans maintained its strict appearance of its products by matching the colors applied on the 2010 product line of Wethepeople and wrapping it up with the…

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